21 Best Egyptian Sustainable Fashion Brands

First we need to know what is sustainable fashion brand ?

Sustainable brands focus on practices that are environmentally friendly, such as using renewable materials, reducing waste and pollution, conserving energy and water. They also prioritize social sustainability by promoting fair labor practices, ensuring safe working conditions, and engaging with the community.


Here are several Egyptian sustainable brands offering fashionable clothing and accessories:


In 2013, Up-fuse was born out of a passion for material exploration and a desire to make a positive environmental impact in Egypt. Founders Yara and Rania were determined to find a solution so, they go beyond simply reducing waste and create a local product. In 2015, Lama joined as a partner, and the three girls turned their abstract idea into a reality. Today, Up-fuse produces a range of bags, footwear, and fashion pieces using upcycled plastic bags.


The idea behind Almah started with Mrs. Manal Saleh’s desire to make a difference in her community. She recognized the excess fabric that was being donated and wasted by local industries, and she saw an opportunity to repurpose this fabric into something meaningful. With the help of local designers, she launched @almah.official, a project that transforms the excess fabric into stylish, sustainable fashion items. Profits generated by ALMAH utilize to fund the Egyptian Clothing Bank’s production lines of new clothing items for underprivileged individuals in Egypt.


MYNE is a contemporary women’s fashion brand based in Egypt that offers stylish and sustainable clothing. Founded in 2019 by Yasmine Tawfik. MYNE’s women’s wear collection is designed to be fashionable, versatile, and timeless.


Saqhoute is a fashion brand that focuses on women’s ready-to-wear outfits that are based on the sustainable pillars of artisanship, and zero-waste. Through the use of hand embroidery, the brand shows stories of Egyptian heritage.

Amina K

Amina Khalil established her own “Amina K” brand. It is a slow fashion brand, and its pieces are made to be matched, and layered, allowing each individual to create their own style.


FUFA is a sustainable fashion brand founded by Farah El Ashiry. Their designs are inspired by Egyptian culture, nature, and art.


Sacar is a local advocacy company that specializes in environmentally friendly, ethical, and eco-conscious streetwear. Ali and May founded it in 2020.


The Reform Studio brand creates bags and other products out of plastic waste, mostly plastic bags and bottles. Reform Studio employs local weavers who were previously unappreciated and also also teaches women in rural areas the craft of weaving.


Marisol is a lifestyle brand where ethics and elegance exist. it founded in 2019 by Egyptian designer Hana Shamsi. it is also slow fashion brand.


It is a distinguished Egyptian fashion brand, born from the vision of two mothers, Mika and Marina. they understanding the importance of sustainability, ethical production, and timeless design, so they came with that great brand.

Jozee boutique

Jozee is a slow fashion brand and a WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) member. At Jozee, fashionable women’s clothing is designed and made with an emphasis on Egyptian culture.

The Sahara Collection

The Sahara Collection is a brand that aims to produce locally and ethically sourced fashion while empowering women in the workplace as their factory employs over 95% of women. their pieces are trendy and fashionable.


a luxury sustainable brand by YARAISMAIL, inspiring by Ancient Egyptian history and craftsmanship. YARAISMAIL was established in 2019, after namesake brand designer, founder and Creative Director


ZEE is an Egyptian brand, which has comfortable and stylish outerwear .they make their brand more eco-friendly as ZEE’s packaging includes pouches made of recycled material made in collaboration with eco-friendly Egyptian fashion brand Up-Fuse. 


Nevinaltmann brand empowers Egyptian women to produce works of art, as this network of women grew to 400 women all over Egypt from Aswan, Upper Egypt, Nile Valley, Greater Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia, Siwa, Sinai, and Marsa Matruh. They make unique pieces through embroidery.


Omnis Bag Brand is a fashion brand with a purpose. Its commitment to creating beautiful pieces that are mindfully made, its focus on craftsmanship and sustainability. it is supporting local female artisans as it is providing them with a stable source of income while allowing them to care for their households and children.


Abier Megahed is a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on slow fashion and is based in Egypt. the brand is committed to creating high-quality clothing using local fabrics. the brand offers unique and timeless designs that are made to last.


Talalya_Official is a sustainable handmade fashion brand based in Egypt. They offer luxurious fashion pieces that are carefully crafted. They specialize in customized pieces, allowing customers to express their unique style.


Sabrymarouf is a luxury brand that creates crafted artifacts. With Ahmed Sabry as the Creative Director and Daki Marouf as the Managing Director, Sabrymarouf aims to create luxury artifacts that embody a harmonious blend of ethics, technology, and heritage, offering unique and meaningful products.


Elwekala Sustainable Store is a brand that promotes sustainable fashion and encourages youth to express their uniqueness through sustainable clothing choices. They aim to raise awareness about the harmful impact of fast fashion on the environment and offer styling services along with a curated selection of upcycled, retro, and vintage items.


Loop Egypt creates stylish and eco-friendly apparel made from recycled plastic materials. They are committed to a zero-waste strategy, carefully designing their packaging and materials to minimize waste. Loop Egypt’s approach to sustainability reflects their passion for creating fashionable, environmentally conscious clothing that’s perfect for everyday wear.

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