Kenzy Madbouly: Mickey Mouse Magazine’s TikTok Star

With over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 1 million followers on TikTok, Kenzy Madbouly, the comedy creator has been similarly depicted in Mickey Mouse Magazine, one of the most popular comic publications that still lives on from its birth in 1933. Wait a minute…Who is Kenzy Madbouly and how was a similar character created in the magazine?

Loved By All

Starting with relatable memes (ridiculously funny), Kenzy Madbouly has slowly but effectively climbed the ladder to fame. Through her videos on TikTok that connect her audience and create a sense of home, Kenzy Madbouly became rapidly admired by the public – which is why the prominent magazine decided to acknowledge a similar character with the same name as the ‘Queen of TikTok’.


A Magazine’s Respect

In fact, the magazine has nicknamed the character ‘Kanooza’ to display Kenzy’s considerable extent of charisma!

Kenzy Madbouly has absolutely transcended into an inspiring figure – not only for women around the world but for people who have a dream. With a click on ‘Post’, she made her childhood dream come true. Let this be an encouraging and life-affirming lesson of passion. When passion and work come together, great things happen.

Who knows, maybe this might be Disney’s next screen adaptation

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