Scholarships and Financial Aid: 5 Astounding Ways to Obtain Them

Getting into a renowned university is hard enough on it’s own, however obtaining a scholarship or financial aid means that you have to put in at least two times the usual effort to reach your goal, as universities are very meticulous when it comes to selecting candidates to study in their facilities especially if they will be the ones funding their education. Most universities search for diverse and socially aware candidates so becoming the type of person universities want may guarantee you a spot in their programs.

Ask for help!

Multiple counselors and investors are experienced and well aware in the struggles of obtaining a scholarship, especially to a top university or an ivy. Asking them for help is the first step to ensuring that you are on the right track to getting what you want. Offline meetings may also help them get to know you better (which results in them being able to help more) so if possible opt for the offline option.

Have esteemed references 

When attempting to get a scholarship you have to ensure that you have professional and well known people recommending you for the position and vouching for you as when it comes to these things, connections can make or break your chances. Getting your school principal or one of your professors that is well aware of your work ethic to draft up a recommendation letter will help you be more seen. 


To be able to discover where to apply for, you must first check whether or not the university you are seeking a scholarship to is known for giving scholarships and how easy they are to get as it differs from one university to the next. Browsing the different types of scholarships/grants out there may also help you in determining which program fits you the best. 

Excel in School work 


Getting above average or even stellar grades will make universities want to have you study with them more so make your academics your main priority, try to always stay on track and time manage accordingly. Taking harder classes such as APs or A Levels gives you an advantage as the minimum grade to apply for a scholarship when it comes to these classes is much lower than regular classes due to the advanced material they contain 

Participate in extra-curricular activities

Everyone can get good grades in school if they put their mind to it so recruiters are usually more keen on candidates which have participated in activities that show that they have done something other than focus on school work throughout their high school life. Internships, school clubs and tutoring are all great examples to highlight the time management skills of the candidate and their capability to preform in other aspects of life. 

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