Best 10 Swimwear Brands You Must Check For Summer

From local brands to luxurious lines in the Mena Region!

With the temperature rising and summer approaching,the hunt for summer outfits has begun.Finding the right piece to wear to the beach can be challenging,and exhausting so we’ve made you a guide with unique 10 Swimwear brands that cover all sizes and range of prices.


Founded by the actress Salma Abu Deif, the goal of Elma was to create a divine swimwear brand that suits women of different bodies and styles. Additionally, the line offers cover-ups and beach dresses with exceptional patterns and colors.

ByElma Swimwear

Hydro Swimwear

Struggling to find a modest swimsuit?

Hydro swimwear, is a fashionable and sustainable line created and crafted by Egyptian men and women. High-quality swimwear, cover-ups, and silk wrap skirts are available with sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. 10% of their profits are donated to those in need at Ahl Masr Hospital.

Hourglass Swim

What’s better than having one top that can be styled in more than 5 ways? 

Hourglass São Top is available in red and white, both of which may be tied into a variety of designs. Additionally, they have one-piece swimsuits, multiway styled, and regular bikinis that aren’t see-through and are made of high-quality material.

Kai Collections

Kai Collection offers men’s and women’s swimsuits, a kid’s collection, and a linen line. Made in Egypt with the best materials. They offer a wide range of trendy men’s swimwear with original designs. Their products are sold in shops in the UAE, Kuwait, and Egypt. Additionally, they have a shop of their own in Lakeyard, Hacienda Bay, and North Coast El Alamein.

Hadia Ghaleb Brand

A Swimwear line for all women, veiled and unveiled. Hadia’s swimsuit is made to protect your body against UV- light and give you a luxurious experience with the softest material. Their unique print and design were widely seen in Egypt and the Middle East the previous year, making a significant impact on summer/modest fashion. We are excited to see what Hadia’s new collection, which will debut on April 10th, has in store.

Hadia Ghaleb Second Collection

Shof Fufa

Clothes made by love from Egyptian hands and inspired by Egyptian culture. Their Exclusive collections are named after different cities in Egypt like Nubia,Fayoum and El Gouna. Their clothes are dedicated deeply to their heritage embracing their country’s landscape, architecture. They were able to produce beautiful sketch patterns and pieces. The brand is eco-friendly and ensures sustainability in various forms.

In your shoe

Even though they are mostly known for their playful and remarkable socks and pjs, last summer they launched “ The Summer Essentials” a collection made of breathable flowy wrap fabrics and vibrant bright swimsuits. Their summer collection also includes dresses, oversized tees, and tote bags all made of the same funkiness and cool patterns

Léa The Label

The eco-friendly brand founded by the Lebanese designer Léa Daaboul,shouts elegance and sustainability. Léa produces the most luxurious and timeless swimwear using Econyl, a fabric created entirely of waste materials. Based in Bali, the brand strikes a balance between producing excellent material and supporting local ateliers. Their warm-colored pieces and minimalistic designs are a must-try for this summer season.


The Dubai-based company Analina, which was established in 2021, takes a distinctive and bold approach to swimwear fashion. The brand stands out in the market owing to its use of metallic colors, golden ring accessories, and excellent fabrics brought directly from Italy. Dedicated to fearless women and inspired by the founder’s mother, AnaLina is all about empowering and gleaming.


Paralia, founded and designed by Dina Ibellini, is a high-end swimwear brand established to provide ladies with a variety of elegant options from having the greatest flowery swimsuit pieces and anything from one-piece swimsuits to cover-ups and dresses. The brand is inspired by the tropics and island culture. Paralia also supports indigenous women of Latin America who handcraft every piece.

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