Now United: Who are they and their Current Members

2017 was the beginning of Now United, a global pop group formed by Simon Fuller, a British entrepreneur and creator of American Idol based in LA. Now United has 18 members from across the world, both dancers and singers revolutionizing the music industry. They are well known for their hits like Summer in the City, who would think that Love and All Day.

The team has undergone many changes in the last few months, including the addition of new members and the leaving of others. We are here to tell you all about the current members of now united.

  • Nour Ardakani 

Nour, a singer, and dancer from Lebanon is the first member of Now United’s Middle Eastern lineup. She joined in 2020 when she was only 18 years old. She has always loved singing and dancing, and she is a dedicated worker who places a high value on her work as well as her education. She is currently enrolled in both business and nutrition schools.

  • Melanie Thomas 

Ivory Coast native and representative singer Melanie was recognized for her videos on social media. She was among many candidates who auditioned in Dubai, but it was her talent that set her apart and made her special and loved among the team and fans. She serves as an inspiration and a role model for African women.

Now United
  • Alex Mandon Rey 

Alex, also a model, is a Spanish dancer from Mallorca who goes by the stage name Alextopdancer. In April 2021, he received team number 18 and later launched his streetwear clothing line. He started hip-hop dancing at the age of 4, and his parents own a dancing school back in Mallorca.

  •  Savannah Clarke

Savannah, who represents Australia, has worked in every aspect of the media industry in addition to being a singer and dancer. She is a model and an actress who has been in numerous commercials. She made her debut in the musical “The Sound of Music,” and when she got older, she auditioned for the band and was granted the 15th spot from Sydney, Australia. 

  • Lamar Morris

Michael Jackson strongly influenced Lamar, a representative of the United Kingdom, as a child, both in terms of his movements and musical style. He is now driven by his love of performing, whether it’s singing, dancing, or just music. He appeared in the British television series The Hour and as Axel in the animated movie The Meeps. 

  • Sina Deinert 

Representing Germany, Sina Deinert joined the team as a dancer in 2017. She started out performing ballet before switching to hip-hop. Sina first declined her seat four times because she believed she wouldn’t be suitable for it, but eventually, she agreed to it. For her, it was a decision and experience that would change her life.

  • Sofya Plotnikova 

Sofya Is from Moscow, Russia. She began dancing when she was a little girl at one of Russia’s top ballet academies, but she didn’t feel comfortable there and changed her style of dance.  For Sofya and her family, going to the US was a difficult decision, but when she received a message from Now United, she and her family flew to LA, for Now, United’s final selection, where she was selected to represent Russia. 

  • Zane Carter 

Before singing, Zane and his brother were playing football, but later things took a turn for him. After Noah Urrea left the team in October 2022, leaving a position vacant for an American artist, he joined Now United. Zane collaborated on projects with many of the members before formally joining the group. He earlier talked to Echo Magazine about his belief that he might contribute a different musical style and tone to the team bringing a different country music approach.

Many of the Now United members, including Hina Yoshihara, Heyoon Jeong, Sabina Hidalgo, and Bailey May, have recently left. But some of them will be on the musical album that was just released this week. We are eager to learn more about the band’s forthcoming projects and what they have in store for us.

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