You’ll love elevating your audio experience with Ambeo Soundbars


This summer, if you’re hosting a party, a get-together, watching a movie, playing a game or simply want to enjoy quality audio in your room, try out the brand-new AMBEO Soundbar Mini and AMBEO Soundbar Plus. You can get a state-of-the-art listening experience with these new products that have just entered the market. With so many new song releases, blockbuster movies and excellent podcasts, ensure your sound system is set up with the AMBEO Soundbar Mini and Ambeo Soundbar Plus. 

What they offer

The Ambeo Soundbar Plus elevates your listening experience by introducing brand-new technology that enhances the sound. With the new changes to the sound system, you’ll enjoy a more powerful sound, a deeper bass and an expansive soundstage. The developed technical aspects also allow for fuller, more dynamic audio by including improved amplifiers and drivers. With this new sound system, you have more ways to connect it to your home; it can easily connect to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, creating a great addition to your home entertainment system. We recommend this upgrade to enjoy a high-quality audio experience from the comfort of your home.

Want a smaller audio system? Try the AMBEO Soundbar Mini

This version of the soundbar gives you all the benefits of the Ambeo Soundbar Plus while being half the size. If you prefer to save space, try this new, significantly smaller soundbar. You can enjoy an immersive sound experience with cutting-edge features such as four built-in microphones and a self-calibration system. This is an enhanced listening experience because you can adjust the settings to ensure precise audio in any room size. Another great feature of this mini soundbar is that it can create a 3d audio environment, giving ambient sounds in the room.

An added bonus is their sleek design

If you want to place these in your home, they’ll fit right into any home. The design is simple, chic and minimalistic, making it a perfect fit into any type of décor. You can place it anywhere, hidden within a drawer or on the wall; the black and sleek design blends perfectly into homes. 

The companies have an expansive audio history. 

When trying out these products, you can be sure of their quality as the soundbar producers are well-experienced in the electronic sector. EROS Group has been delivering high-end products to the UAE region for decades, offering a variety of different products to customers. It has collaborated with Sennheiser, an innovative audio company that has been delivering high-quality products for 75 years. 

Whether you want to watch movies with excellent audio, like playing games at home and being immersed in sound, or love music, this is a strongly recommended addition. If you want to hear quality sound echo throughout your home this summer, we recommend trying out the brand-new AMBEO Soundbar Mini and AMBEO Soundbar Plus to have an incredible listening experience. 

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