4 Organisations you need to know helping Palestine

This year, as we celebrate another year as Uthhub, we ask everyone to join in solidarity with us to help Palestine. For decades, Palestinians have lived under oppressive conditions, and recently, Palestinians are in severe need of aid and donations to survive. This year, we want to highlight an important cause and encourage you to donate what you can to the following organisations currently helping Palestine.

Why this is important

Donating to and supporting these organisations is essential to help those affected and living in poverty without crucial needs such as food, healthcare, education and emergency relief. Your support will assist these organisations in providing aid to those in need in Palestine. You are encouraged to share these organisations online and in person as well.


The organisations helping Palestine

Muslim Global Relief

This organisation assists in giving aid globally to those in need, including Palestine. There are multiple ways you can support Muslim Global Relief. They accept online donations through their official website, and there are fundraising events you can participate in. In addition, you can volunteer your time and skills. To find out more information, go to https://www.muslimglobalrelief.org/.

United Nations Relief and Works Agency

UNRWA prioritises the well-being and support of Palestinian refugees. You can support them by donating money through their website. UNRWA helps provide education, healthcare, and emergency assistance. In addition, you can raise awareness and spread the word by sharing their website and work on social media platforms. There are also events and campaigns in which you can get involved in. To find out how you can help, visit their website at https://www.unrwa.org/.

The International Committee of the Red Cross

The ICRC currently provides essentials such as medical care, access to clean water, and support to the people of Palestine. You can help by donating money online, raising awareness through sharing on social media and giving some of your time to volunteer. You can support them in various ways; you can support their medical team or participate in community outreach. Your assistance will help make a difference. To learn more about the initiative, visit their official website at https://www.icrc.org/.

Islamic Relief Worldwide

IRW is an organisation providing essential needs to the people of Palestine. IRW supports this by providing food, healthcare, and education. In order to make a difference, you can donate money online, offer your time to volunteer for their projects and organise your own fundraising event to raise funds for the important cause. Your help can provide crucial aid and assist in sustainable development. For more information on how to help, visit their website at https://islamic-relief.org/ .

It’s important that we all contribute to making a significant difference, keep sharing organisations that help Palestine in this time of need and continue to raise awareness on social media platforms. Share this article to raise awareness of different organisations that are providing much-needed assistance to Palestine.

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