This summer, try breakfast at The Pods Dubai


This summer, the city of Dubai is coming alive with different entertainment options and great places to eat. Picture this, a backdrop of the stunning Dubai ocean with views of the towering skyscrapers and a warm, cosy cup of tea in the morning. All this is done in a private and intimate dining setup, where two people enjoy each other’s company. In walking distance is the Al Ain Wheel, and you’re enjoying various delicious breakfast treats which are *unlimited*.

This experience sounds priceless, but Dubai residents will be thrilled to discover that you can access this unlimited breakfast meal with a picturesque location for only 49 AED. Bluewaters Island, a sunny, beautiful island in Dubai, is home to plenty of aesthetic restaurants with great food and vibes. 

One of the restaurants that you must try on a visit to Bluewaters Island is The Pods. 

This unique dining concept is a new arrival in Dubai, offering a dining experience free of distractions, where you have your own space with your plus one in individual pods. This place is great for a romantic dinner with a view or some quality time with your family and friends. To add to the ambience, you can connect your phone and listen to your music on the Pods. 

Breakfast dishes offered at The Pods Dubai


A terrific new offer has been introduced where you can experience tranquillity alongside a mouthwatering selection of breakfast dishes. You can enjoy a sip of tea or coffee, turkey bacon, cherry tomatoes, hash browns, and other ready-to-go breakfast items. If you’re interested in other dishes, there is an extensive selection of all-a-carte menus. They include the local Middle Eastern delicacy, Shakshuka and other specially curated breakfast items such as the Pods Brekkie Bowls. In addition, there are other loved breakfast dishes such as American Style Pancakes and Chocolate Fondant. The best part is that these all start at the affordable price of 29 AED. A fantastic experience that won’t dent the bank. 

If you’re interested, ensure you’re an early riser because this deal is available daily from 8am to 12pm.  You can enjoy the meals and ambience of the restaurant from 8am to 1am. 

Whether you’re staying in Dubai or just visiting, this is one of the places you must see because of its stunning location, accessibility to the Bluewaters Island and delicious extensive menu. If you’re looking to visit this restaurant, book a reservation on their official website

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