Wage Gap & Sexism

With the rise of feminism across the global and issues being brought to the table as to how unfair women are treated in more ways than one, it’s only fair for us to bring the topic of the wage gaps (which are often associated with their role/rank; lack of promotion) that suffocate the advancement of women.

Now, before we proceed any further, I do acknowledge how some might be skeptic to this “narrative”, because there are so many successful women, to which the media doesn’t shy away from nowadays, respectively only because they clawed their way tooth and nail to that position, nonetheless, we’ll provide the receipts necessary to make this argument valid.

As of 2020, a study conducted showed that for every 1.23 pounds a man makes, a female makes none. 

Moreover, other studies show that in “male-dominated” roles, in other words, managerial positions within a business, females earned up to 58% less than their male counterparts.

It’s important to bring this topic to the table, because this is an issue that’s paralyzing the growth of women worldwide, solely based on assumptions made by their opposing gender, on their skills and capability to capacitate and satisfy a job to its fullest. 

These beliefs stem from a culture of oppression towards women and leading them on to believe that they aren’t as good as their male colleagues, simply because of their gender. This ideology can be seen in cultures and societies in which the male ego is of utmost importance, such as middle-eastern cultures and the USA. 

Feminism talks about equality in the sense, that if a woman is more capable than a man or if she has the same qualifications that a man does, that she’s even considered for the position and isn’t simply shunned down, because of her different physical features. 

By standing uneducated you feed into the lies gender discrimination was based upon. 

By staying uneducated you take away the hopes and dreams of girls all around the world and strip them down to robots that are meant to do as you please, you strip them down from their humanity and expect them to keep their silence, when you wouldn’t be able to do so yourself.

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