15 Content Creators We Absolutely Love

With everyone, everywhere spending upwards of 2+ hours a day on our phones and screens, who are some content creators that you need to spend your time on?

Nour Emam (@thisismotherbeing)

It’s no secret that women are confused about their anatomy, most of all in the Arab world, where holding such vital and important discussions is often shunned. Not by Nour Emam though. Emam started her platform back in 2020 and has continued providing consistent free and charged education to her followers, in both English and Arabic. 

 It’s safe to say an entire generation will very likely grow up with greater sexual awareness than ever before in Egypt and the Arab world alike, due to the efforts made by Nour and her team at Mother Being. 

Nour alongside her team have also curated a line of naturally made products including a lubricant and a body massage candle, with more products being installed every so often. They’ve also recently celebrated the launch of their very own clinic in Maadi. 

Nouran Tarek (@with.nouran)

Nouran is very likely a content creator that’s already in your following list, and if she’s not she’s going to be after this article! 

Having started her first page a few years ago and re-started her current page sometime last year after her initial one was hacked, Tarek has boomed across Arab social media, with her good-natured humour, relatability, and most of all sincerity in all that she does; be that in her line of work, where she provides honest-to-God makeup reviews, tips and tricks or when it comes to her personal life, mental health and the likes.

Being on Nouran’s page feels like coming home after a long day out, there, you’re bound to find yourself laughing and learning all at once. 

Youssra Al Gamal (@youssraelgamal)

Youssra is one of our favourite content creators when it comes to skincare. Considering how the online marketing world is now, it’s difficult to take anyone’s opinions as sincere, not Youssra’s though! 

The amazing thing about Youssra’s page is that she provides insightful, science-based reviews on the products she uses. However, Youssra’s page isn’t restricted to skincare only, hair-care is also right up her alley! 

While Youssra currently holds many career positions, her determination to provide top-of-the-line content is one thing we can always find ourselves looking forward to on her page. 

Nayra Nassar (@self_theblog)

Taboo is not a concept known to Nayra, instead Nayra seeks to break any stigmas imposed onto women. Being on Nayra’s page often feels like you’re on facetime with one of your good girlfriends, there you’re certain to find the best women care products, home deco pieces, witness Nayra’s cooking skills and more. It’s like a quick reality TV show, where you get to unfold all of the best beauty salons in the city, which brands not to approach and the likes. 

 Most of all, Nayra makes being a woman humane. There’s nothing we aren’t allowed to discuss. From genital hygiene, to how to make your feet soft, to how to make your hair grow; it’s all the same and that’s why we love Nayra!

 Also, seeing someone so passionate about quality having their own brand is truly reassuring, so in the case that you find yourself in need of hair care, skin care tools and lounge wear you can always head to Self The Brand 😉

Mazen Yassen (@mazennyassen)

Mazen is the comfort creator of many across varying age groups. 

 His content always reels us back to planet earth, from motivational content, to informational content, to downright inspirational content. At Mazen’s page you’re guaranteed to leave with a desire to turn your life around.

“An endless journey of self-development,” is included in his platform’s bio and I reckon anyone that consumes his content can attest to being on said journey themselves. 

 However, content creation isn’t all that Yassen does, with an eye for creativity all around, Yassen also harbours and develops young musical talents across his page @letsgobigmusic and offers the entreunpenurial side of music on @bigentertainmentco, with a space for creators from all over to gather on @thecontentcreatorsco.

May Mohamed (@mayymohamed_)

It’s beautiful when you find yourself finding small casual magic moments in your life, it’s even more beautiful when someone shares their own casual magic moments with you. On May’s page you’ll get a consistent dosage of coffee aroma, books, happiness and culture. 

 Founder of Capture Egypt and ambassador or Unique Egypt, May’s photography work continues to keep us one the edge of our seats in the coziest, most wholesome ways possible! There we feel ourselves reconnecting to our roots and heritage, celebrating our oneness and our differences alike. 

Karim Kabbany (@karimkabany

Kabbany is one content creator we’re sure no one will get bored of anytime soon. Living in the ghorba, aka France, in pursuit of his higher education degrees, Karim continues providing humourus content that connects both him and his audience to their roots. 

Destigmatising the reality of what living abroad truly is, is right up Kabbany’s alley as well. He keeps it 100, explaining the difficulties that come along pursuing a life in a country other than your own, but also the joys of doing so. 

 In watching Kabbany’s content your bound to find a smile etched across your face. 

Noran El Bannan (@noran.elbannan)

There’s no doubt of the mere existence of thrift culture in the Arab world, that’s where Noran comes in. In Noran’s world, everything second-hand is a new opportunity to seize and to let her creative juices flow.

 Curating highly engaging content, that you otherwise mightn’t have seen on the Arab creative scene, from asking strangers on the street to detail their outfit, to spreading awareness about the importance of sustainability, to showing you how to style out-of-the-box outfits; Noran is very arguably the Arab world’s rising sustainable-fashion it-girl.

Maya Shehata (@mayashehataa)

With more people than ever now opening up about their mental health and holding space for others to do so too in our culture, Maya is one content creator you need on your feed to allow you to consider such aspects of the human condition. 

Although Shehata is currently only a psychology student, who shares her knowledge on social media, she offers a platform where people of all ages can come together to recognise and hold important discussions surrounding mental health, from anxiety, to generational trauma; Shehata offers accessible information in both English and Arabic and it’s safe to say that one post at a time she’s slowly, but surely destigmatising mental health in the Arab world. 

Ahmed Abdelshafi (@ahmed_3bdelshafi)

It’s very difficult to convey stories, worlds and narratives through pictures, but that obviously comes easily to Ahmed.  

On Ahmed’s page, you’re guaranteed to be blown away; being able to see your country in a new light is truly one of the most gratifying, proud and sentimental experience anyone can go through and that exactly is what Abdelshafi exudes through his work.

From people, to places all across Egypt, Ahmed’s work continues now and will continue to propagate for years to come. 

With his work it’s true; a picture really is worth a thousand words. And if you are interested in the art of photography, we compiled a list of Arab photographers you need to check out!

Dina Zaitoun (@artopathic)

Dina’s work is a refreshing take on how we should hold our societies accountable. Holding vital social discussions on her platforms via art is something we’ll never get tired of seeing. 

It’s almost certain that no matter how woke you are, Dina’s work will keep you questioning all that you’ve been taught… in a good way. And while her content can be a hard pill to swallow sometimes, Zaiton also curates highly relatable content, so you’re always guaranteed a full serving of education with a side of a smile. 

Narihan (@noosa.basboosa

Her journey inspires so many young girls out there to be unapologetically and truthfully themselves. Narihan shows us so many genuine sides of what it is to be a woman; subjectively, she shares with us her feelings regarding working and living abroad, being independent, and taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. She is one of the content creators that Uthhub absolutely loves. 

Dona Emam (@donaemam13

Dona focuses mainly on two aspects of her life which she shares on her platforms, her medical journey after undergoing surgery, and her day-to-day life as an aspiring actress. Her approach mainly is of being true to oneself while having a clear understanding of who you aspire to be. She shares with us glimpses of her personality as well; through posting videos where she simply has a heart-to-heart with her followers about many topics that have an impact on her.

Rola Khalil (@rolaisundefinedd

And the username suits her! Rola is one of the content creators who has a bit of everything within her account; her videos vary from being very personal and engaging to comedic and entertaining. She is undeniably fierce and bold when attacking the situations girls are put in when in a family gathering or surrounded by heavy company. Inspirational in the lightest manner. 

Mohamed El Boraiy (@mohamedelboraiy

You might know him from his videos on the YT channel Peace Cake, but do you follow his accounts on social media? The guy is absolutely hilarious in the most upfront yet subtle way, which makes the laughter a million times more genuine. He mimics movie stereotypes, and attacks cliches in a satirical manner -it almost makes his videos mock-poetic. Our favorite series of his is “hal ha3eesh wala la2” on tiktok! 

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