MotherBeing’s Clinic: 6 Healthy Reasons to Book Now

Whether you know MotherBeing or not, you must know all about their newly-opened clinic and how it will impact the whole female population in Egypt!

Whether you know MotherBeing or not, you must know all about their newly-opened clinic and how it will impact the whole female population in Egypt! 

MotherBeing -originated by Nour Emam- started as a page where Nour educates girls and women of all ages about their bodies. Nour Emam is a certified birth doula and is the CEO of the brand Beam World which provides women with sexual and hygienic products. She has been providing women with informative posts about their sexual and reproductive health while sharing her personal experience regarding postpartum depression. Her journey inspired her to create MotherBeing and encourage women to shamelessly ask for the medical assistance they need, while ending the stigma of talking about periods.

She advocated for women’s health and their right to be informed about what happens “down there” and how periods, pregnancies, and even postpartum periods affect women’s physical and mental health. Needless to say, a woman’s body experiences a lot of changes throughout just one menstrual cycle -let alone pregnancy and postpartum- and as important as it is to be aware of your body, not everyone has the ability or the grasp of just how to attain the proper and accurate knowledge. It is time to raise awareness, and MotherBeing’s new clinic is the perfect first step! 

What and Where is it?

It is a women’s health clinic that provides everything that a woman needs for a checkup or even treatment. It is located in Degla, Maadi and their website provides their exact location and a way to book appointments! 

The MotherBeing Team

While having Nour Emam as their Care Manager, consists of the following: 

  • 2 Consultant OBGYN 
  • A Specialist OBGYN 
  • A Sex and Relationship Therapist 
  • 2 Sexual Health Educators
  • A Nurse Specialist 
  • 2 Nurse Practitioners 
  • A Care Assistant 
  • A Care Coordinator

What They Provide

It ranges from booking an appointment just to talk with a consultant/specialist about everything and anything that concerns the female body and goes all the way to having a full sexual health checkup, both mentally and physically. Nour Emam explains how important it is for young girls to have regular checkups or even to just book an appointment to learn more about their bodies; she even offers a discount for students if a girl provides her school/college iD with her. The checkups at MotherBeing’s clinic would relieve young girls of their concerns whether they suffer from severe period pain, inconsistent and irregular periods, or alarming vaginal discharge.

On another side, women of all ages are now privileged to visit an OBGYN and be provided with a team of doctors and nurses to test and treat them. Not only do they have a team of physicians put together but also their therapists and consultants would provide women with access to sexual health education and care. This is for women who are about to get married or newlyweds who worry about their sex life to be. They also provide online services to support and educate women about what to expect on their wedding nights and how to overcome the stigma associated with the “first time”. Finally, they counsel pregnant ladies and women suffering from postpartum depression.

When to Book

According to their website this is when you should book an appointment:

  • Your period pain disrupts your daily activities
  • Your period is irregular
  • You notice unusual vaginal discharge
  • You are struggling to find a safe space to address your sexual and reproductive health concerns
  • You don’t know which contraceptive method is best for you
  • You experience pain during sex

MotherBeing is truly everything female-related. We need to thank Nour Emam for this! If you want to know more about who and what is an OBGYN and reasons why you should visit one, we have got you covered! Now go book your appointment!

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