KSA: 5 Beautiful Places you NEED to visit

Saudi Arabia -KSA- has been working hard recently to diversify its reliance on oil for its
economy. It used to be exclusively accessible to individuals with business permits, religious
pilgrims, and expatriate employees. The kingdom’s decision to issue tourist visas in
2019 and to accept visitors with current US, UK, and Schengen Area visas in 2020
undoubtedly had a favorable long-term effect on the country’s tourism. Additionally,
the nation has been making significant expenditures in this endeavor and has a long-term goal of focusing on expanding tourism.

With all these very complicated facts put into perspective, what can you do in Saudi Arabia in winter? A lot, a lot, a whole lot!

Boulevard World

That is where a whole world with 11 sub-zones, and each one is extracting the
the essence of a different country from across the globe (Italy, India, France, Greece, The
States, The United Kingdom, China, Morocco, Mexico, Spain, and Japan). You get to enjoy
shopping, culinary and cultural experiences around the largest artificial lake in the
world, where you can enjoy rides on gondolas, floating cars, and submarines -all in KSA’s Boulevard World.

Boulevard Riyadh City

That is basically Times Square 2.0. and is the greatest attraction of the so-called
“Riyadh Season”. It’s filled with cafes, restaurants, arcades, theaters, stages, and
parks, and hosts all concerts, plays, and festivals.

Winter Wonderland

It’s a huge theme park hosted every winter starting October through March, and that
is where you get literally everything: 60 fun-filled amusement rides, boutiques, and
food trucks. It is suitable and exclusive to everyone, toddlers, and adults, varying
from having merry-go-rounds to many horror houses.

Go camping

When the weather starts to be a little more bearable in the winter, it would be a
great idea to camping/safari in the desert. Sleep under the stars, ride buggies, sand
surf, kart, eat authentic Bedouin food and embark on a full journey where you
experience KSA’s nature at its finest!

Visit Umluj

A close Maldives dupe and the best beach in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with crystal clear
turquoise water, where you can take boat trips, go diving and/or fishing, and visit the heritage
museum or the mango farms there.

Are you now about to pack and enjoy a trip through KSA? You will need to know the essentials!

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