Eating your way through Riyadh: A food guide

So let’s talk about food. Not the stuff we eat to stay alive, but our source of happiness, excitement,
inspiration, basically what I personally live for.
First things first, what better way to start your day than with coffee? Dose provides you the shot
caffeine you need to kick off a productive day with energy and a big smile


Next, breakfast: Zaatar w Zeit offers a large menu of middle eastern dishes with a western twist
including breakfast pans, manakeesh, wraps, but also salads, burger booms and pizzas.


Facing the hot weather Riyadh experiences almost all year long, Slushys is here for the rescue. Its Slush-
Bar-Experience is one of a kind with a score of exotic flavor combinations such as Rhubarb & Custard,
Apple & Blackcurrant, or Ginger & Honey.

For dinner, my No.1 destination would have to be Catch 22 with no doubt. The modern décor, the
Mexican-American food, the “catch the golf ball” bill game takes it up a notch.

Last but not least (leaving the best for last), dessert. I mean if this ain’t your main goal for the day…
Secret garden is a café from heaven: it for sure is the most ig-worthy place in Riyadh and will allow you
to take your feed to a whole other level. The desserts on the display counter look good, yet taste even


However who said our food intake should be limited to 3 meals a day?!

written by: Joud Reefat

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