So, When Is Al Rawabi Season 2 Getting Aired?

Your favorite Al Rawabi girls are returning to television sooner than you might expect.

Al Rawabi School for Girls, the Jordanian series which was first aired in 2021, has gained popularity on social media after its release on Netflix. Being aired in more than 150 countries and translated into 32 different languages, the show is now the second Arabic sitcom to be renewed for a second season following Hend Sabry’s “Finding Ola.”  

Al Rawabi School

Mariem, a teenage girl who plots revenge against the girls who bully her at school, is the focus of the Tima Shomali-written and -directed television series. Al Rawabi discusses teen life and the challenges young girls encounter on a regular basis at school, from insecurities to boy drama. 

The six-episode show was announced for season 2 almost a year ago. Rumours regarding its release have been circulating on social media nonstop. The show’s cast did, however, reveal last month that filming would be wrapping up. The precise release date is not stated, though. A 2023 release will be expected.

The series tackles several important and controversial subjects and problems that young women in the MENA region face. We are excited to see what Tima brings to our screens in terms of its hooking storyline, beautiful soundtrack, and outstanding acting from our favourite young actors.

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