How I Love Being a Woman

Every young girl, I suppose, has experienced one of these at some point in her childhood from refusing to wear pink in order not to seem too girly to offering to carry chairs around the classroom when the teacher clearly requested that some strong boy do it.

We were raised as young girls to think that the minute we leave our mother’s womb, we are burdened with great responsibility, pain, and even some rules which are partially right but womanhood comes with a lot more than pain; it comes with beauty, warmth, and love.

Vogue, romanticized Tik tok, and all the other things

With TikTok being one of the most popular apps, it brings me joy to see women and little girls celebrating womanhood through their art, music, and even edits of their favorite characters. I think with all the videos about learning to love pink again and reconnecting with your feminine energy, I started seeing happiness within the little things in my life like getting ready with the vogue beauty secret videos, watching Sofia Coppola movies, hanging out in the kitchen with my friends on a Saturday night and simply scrolling through Pinterest.

Maybe being a woman isn’t melancholic after all, but no one prepares you for the ups and downs of what comes with it. I guess that’s why the world needs more art and things that we can relate to even if it’s a couple of videos on an app or podcasts about becoming the best version of yourself. We deserve the comfort and relief we’ve been long waiting for.

Pink and friendships

I was one of those kids who replied with purple or red whenever someone asked me about my favorite color. However, recently I’ve been loving pink; I think it all came down to healing my inner child and allowing myself to reconnect to my childhood and all the things the younger me would’ve loved such as long-term female friendships. Building those friendships isn’t easy and especially if you aren’t the social kind but over time you learn that you have to give it time and when you find the right people you invest in those friendships. They are a safe space where you experience new aspects of life without judgment. you laugh and connect with people who share the same stories and struggles you go through as a woman. The intimacy and raw emotions women can give to others are sometimes all you will ever need.

Womanhood is a lot of things. It’s the disturbance that follows your first breakdown, the anger, and rage we are born with as well as the strength and power we carry within us. It’s the wind flying through our hair, the embracement of the ocean, and loud laughter. It’s fear of aging and chasing youth at the age of 16. We can love better than any and have the strength to forgive ourselves and others. Womanhood is being so many people at the same time. It’s like carrying generations of all the women who came before you and doing right by them. It’s a curse yet the biggest blessing one can receive


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