The recap you need before watching Madrasat Al Rawabi season 2

Starting with the first episodes where they introduce the main character which is Maryam, a character who truly loved going to school and enjoyed their life. But then everything started escalating since she grew up. We get introduced to Layan, Rania and Roqaya. The bullies who think so highly of themselves and always makes trouble for Maryam.

The episodes starts with Maryam getting beaten by the bullies and falling on the ground as they runaway. They get called in and questioned, because they are trying to find out who did this to her. As the episode goes in deeply we get introduced to this new character which is called Noaf, this mysterious girl who transferred in the middle of the semester.

Maryam tries to fight of her bullies with her bestfriend Dina who is a very kind and nice person. She supports her but i don’t ever see her standing up for her. They all witness Layan ditching school to go meet up with this old guy from college. But no body says anything of course. Adding to that, Noaf saw them beating up Maryam so they threaten her to shut up about it, but does she?

Yes, she does but Maryam doesn’t because she’s had enough, she’s too tired of the bullying so she decided to take revenge on every single one of them. She made an account to trap Roqqaya knowing that she’s the most insecure one of them all, because she doesn’t get guys like her friends does. She falls for the trap as she sends this pretend guy a picture without her hijab, the pictures gets posted and her mother ruins her life. And as hard as they try to get her back to school, it’s over and they check Roqaya off the list.

And then through the episodes the bullying never stops, and Noaf starts getting close to both Maryam and Dina as they complete their plan. They go to this trip all of them and they sneak out at night to go to a party with guys, Layan, Rania and Noaf and of course it goes wrong as the teacher discovered. She goes to get them back and she discovered that Rania is the only one left so she calls her parents and makes a problem out of it. And to be honest if we looked at their family situations we’d find that Rania’s parents specially her dad is so abusive, and Layan’ brother is so controlling and always angry, so we get why they lie and act the way they do, tho it doesn’t justify anything. They check Rania out of the list. Noaf starts to convince Maryam to stop with her plan, because Layan was really nice to her and she stood up for her when she needed it. But Maryam doesn’t and she tells Layan’s parents about her ditching school and meeting with that guy. Her brother gets a gun and he runs to this guy’s place, he enters and he holds the gun to Layan’s face, ready to fire and as we here a gun shot the episode ends and we are left on a cliffhanger. We never knew who died and that’s why i bet we are all waiting for season 2.

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