Safah El Giza : A Captivating Soundtrack By El Waili

Safah El Giza’s soundtrack and selection of music are what drew the audiences, becoming a major attraction of the show.

The inclusion of a film’s score or soundtrack serves as a complementary element to enhance the narrative of any visual film. Music has long been used in films for various purposes, such as intensifying the dramatic impact of a scene, foreshadowing future events, or establishing the overall mood of a particular setting.

Following the debut of Safah El Giza, viewers went crazy over the show’s music selection. The usage of Badreya El Sayed’s,العدل فوق الجميع, in the opening scene alone, was powerful enough to send shivers down our spines, let alone the rest of the episode. 

The credits of the show, عتمة, showcased the remarkable vocal talents of Samar Tarik. This song is a collaboration between Samar and El Waili, originally recorded and released in 2021. Interestingly, this is not their first collaboration to be featured in a television series.

Safah El Giza

During the previous Ramadan, their song “Lw” was included in Amina Khalil’s show, El harsha el sab3a. Since then, Samar’s fanbase has expanded significantly, with new admirers being mesmerized by her powerful vocals and the exceptional musical production by El Waili.

The remarkable soundtrack of the show was crafted by the brilliant Kareem Gaber, also known as El Waili. This will mark his second time serving as a music producer for a television show.His unique musical style and enthralling collaborations with some of the most renowned musicians in the region have garnered the attention of numerous music enthusiasts.El Waili now boasts over 450,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


While the official soundtrack of the show has yet to be released, we are eagerly anticipating what El Waili has in store for us. We are excited to witness his continued production of music for the cinematic universe.

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