Radwa El-Sherbiny Reveals the Shocking Reason Behind the Divorce of Ahmed Saad and Alia.

The prominent journalist, Radwa El-Sherbiny, revealed in today’s episode of her program “هي وبس” the true reason behind the sudden divorce of Ahmed Saad and Alia Bassiouni. At first, she elaborated on the nature of the relationship that brought her together with the singer Ahmed Saad and Alia Bassiouni by stating, “There is a strong friendship connection that has brought me together with Alia Bassiouni for 7 years, in addition to the artist Ahmed Saad, with whom she was married.”

Adding on to that, Radwa El-Sherbiny stated that she was an eyewitness to their marriage and also experienced many problems with them. Therefore, Alia used to consult her on many issues and how to fix them.


Many of the audience called Alia “Wesh Al-Saad,” primarily because of his artistic launch ever since they got married.

Radwa El-Sherbiny has also been responding to the accusations directed against Alia El-Basiouni (particularly her story against her ex-husband) explaining that Alia merely did this out of heartbreak for her daughter, who was exposed to a horrific car accident when she was an infant, only 40 days old.

Through precise statements on the show “هي وبس”, on the CBC channel, Alia Bassiouni explained that she anticipated that Ahmed Saad would return from his party in Saudi Arabia, but she was appalled that he went to another party on the North Coast instead of visiting his daughter.

Moreover, she was surprised by his decision to divorce her solely because of a misunderstanding of that situation. In spite of his public faults, she acknowledges her mistake in posting that story about her daughters’ father, hoping that the couple will eventually reunite together.

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