Unmasking The Discrimination at By Dina Iskander Event Planning Company

This discrimination must be put to an end.

In recent years, we have witnessed various forms of discrimination against women wearing headscarves, ranging from being denied access to beaches and restaurants to being rudely treated in workplaces. This situation is particularly ironic, given that we are a Muslim country, and it is even more surprising considering that hijabi women in other countries now have more rights than they do here. 

Within the past 24 hours, Nadin Khan recorded a TikTok video detailing a rude encounter she had during a job interview with By Dina Iskander Event planning company. She was subjected to humiliation and rudeness solely due to her wearing a headscarf. It is important to note that the company posted a job listing for an interior design/architect role nearly a week ago, clearly specifying the qualifications they were seeking in applicants and not mentioning anything on the Clothing.


Nadin submitted her application and was later invited for an interview by a company employee who had noticed her headscarf in her WhatsApp profile picture but did not acknowledge or discuss it before extending the interview invitation. Unfortunately, the interview itself was disappointingly brief, lasting no more than 5 minutes. Rather than focusing on Nadin’s qualifications for the position, the company seemed fixated on her hijab. Their treatment of her based on her choice to wear a headscarf was not only highly unprofessional but truly disrespectful 

It is unfortunate and simply unacceptable to witness such offensive behavior coming from a prominent business company, especially when it is managed by a woman.


Proud hijabi w inshallah rabena yesabetny w yekhaleeny albes el hegab el sah🤍

♬ original sound – Nadin Khaled
Nadin’s Tiktok post

After people started responding to the incident, the company’s Instagram page disabled comments. However, we are waiting for an official apology for the incident and prompt measures against all unprofessional companies that fail to offer equal treatment to women.

It’s truly shameful that we still find ourselves speaking out against this discriminatory behavior. Women should not be treated differently based on their beliefs or clothing choices. They shouldn’t be denied entry just because they chose to wear a headscarf. The way individuals choose to dress or cover up does not diminish their worth or social status.


People must be reminded that they have no right to automatically categorize others based on their attire, beliefs, gender, or race. 

Every woman deserves the freedom to dress as she pleases without the fear of social repercussions or the severe discrimination she can face.

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