Discrimination against veiled women in Egypt needs to end now!

As a woman wearing a veil, the concern of being not accepted in a certain area has grown rapidly throughout the years. From job opportunities that require the removal of the hijab to hotels and resorts that refuse Burkins in beaches and/or swimming pools.

It comes to no surprise that this has been happening since 2009, we have been hearing stories of women being turned back and humiliated publicly because of their veil — establishments that divide women according to their clothes and so on. In a country that claims to be Muslim and supposedly represents it how can you enforce humiliation against a religious piece while defending other actions in the name of Islam?


Hotline of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

A lot of campaigns and hashtags have been prevalent around social media supporting and shedding light on the issue and presenting lists of hotels in Egypt and other Arab countries to boycott or for the government to take legal actions. Lakehouse the clubhouse, Alibi Bar and restaurant, Alsalam Hotel, Heliopolis, Hacienda Bay, La Vista are just a few of the names.

Banning citizens from entering public or private places is a form of discrimination and racism against women. We should have the right to wear whatever we desire without being considered as ” low class” or “bad view”. Women are being oppressed by society’s wish to limit their freedom and take full control of their choices. Instead of enriching acceptance and freedom among people, we are categorizing them by their beliefs and decisions.

Everyone should have the choice to dress up the way they wish without being worried or afraid they might be kicked out or treated disrespectfully. If they have the audacity to ban hijabis, have the courage to boycott them.

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