Saathi: 1 Woman’s Mission To End Period Poverty

Menstruation-education is a privilege that millions of women globally don’t have access to, and that poses its own set of threats to said women. Saathi, a brand-turned-into-movement by Ahana Kotibhaskar, is one female-led business trying to upend this issue.

The Birth Of Saathi

Because of the poverty insured in many Indian and south-asian communities, Ahana, upon visiting said communities felt for the women within them. The women who have no understanding of how to best manage their periods, leading them to -for a week every month- put their lives on the back burner and hope for the best. But is that a way to live? 


Ahana found it not to be. As a woman herself, Ahana sought to establish a means by which her brand supports the women within these societies. 

What Do They Do?

Saathi, or companion in Hindi, is a sustainable period-pad brand. The first of its kind in the region. And not only does the brand sustain and encourage the vitality of environmentalism, it also encourages and hones a sense of community and togetherness, as is their tagline “Better Together”, for the women that find themselves in the inopportune position of not having access to menstrual hygiene products.

How Does It Work?

How is that achieved? With every purchase made on the website, Saathi provides one-period panty to women in the Bihar region of India. This is an alternative to the menstrual products we all know and love; tampons, pads, however, period panties can last up to a year and so aside from being environmentally friendly, they’re also much more cost-efficient. 

To access Saathi’s products, you can shop their products on their Instagram @saathi_bt. 

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