Here is Why We Love The Jordanian Actress Rakeen Saad!

The new TV series “Safah El Giza“, from Shahid, is undoubtedly breathtaking and secured a large audience in record time. Yet, what was equally astonishing was Rakeen Saad’s performance in the series, as she managed to capture the attention of many.

Rakeen has a long and impressive cinematic career and a huge fan base from different age categories and nationalities.

Her Unique roles

Rakeen is one of the few who managed to vary her roles in a very short time in both the Egyptian and Jordanian dramas. Rakeen played the high school-bold girl “Noaf” in the Jordanian series “ElRawabi School”. She also played “Maryem” in Revo with Amir Eid, where she struggles to direct her deceased father’s movie about the 70s band “Rivo”. Currently, Rakeen is playing “The Giza Butcher” or “Safaah ElGiza”, the butcher’s sister-in-law who loves him but got deceived by him, making use of her obsession with acting.

There were times when I was shooting two characters at the same time. Switching from one character to another was a real challenge for me. However, I can say that I put in the effort to prepare myself thoroughly. Once I step onto the set, I leave all distractions behind and fully immerse myself in each character’s mindset.

Her Kindness and enthusiasm

In her interviews, Rakeen brilliantly captures the individual opinions, passions, and free-spirited nature of each girl. When asked about what women truly want, she fearlessly declares that it’s all about creating a non-judgmental world. And let’s not forget the delightful moments when she candidly shares her smallest and biggest dreams. For instance, she hilariously reveals her desire to pack on a few extra pounds and reach a solid 55kg, perfectly matching her height. Rakeen’s interviews are truly a joyride of self-expression and whimsical aspirations!

Her Being A role Model To Many Of Us

Like anyone else, Rakeen has faced difficult times that have caused her to pause or reconsider her path. The loss of her father, a deeply traumatic experience, was particularly tough for her to handle. She openly admits that it was a turning point in her life, leading her to view things from a fresh perspective. However, despite these challenges, Rakeen maintains an unwavering sense of optimism. She still holds onto her dreams, constantly seeking new adventures, yet remains humble throughout it all.


We had the honor of interviewing @Rakeen Saad during the #سفاح_الجيزه premiere. Don’t forget to catch it on @Shahid

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Her Talent

Rakeen’s versatility as an actress is truly remarkable. In various roles, we have witnessed her ability to portray different characters with unique reactions and facial expressions, all while maintaining perfect timing. Whether it’s her “I don’t care” angry expression in Noaf, her mature adult attitude as the police officer’s wife in ElAref, or her portrayal of Amira, a veiled and nervous wife working to support her household in “Family Size,” Rakeen consistently brings a fresh and distinct performance to each role. It’s evident that she not only selects her roles with care, but also puts in the effort to deliver a truly unique and captivating performance for each character she portrays.

Rakeen’s story is truly remarkable, filled with diversity, energy, and immense potential. She has swiftly risen through the ranks, surpassing many in her generation. We have high hopes for her future roles and wish her all the success in her upcoming projects.

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