Binge-Worthy or Cringe-Worthy? Unpacking the latest 8 TV Streaming Hits

With hundreds of shows coming out continuously, we need to know which of them to clear out our queue for and which not to waste time watching them. And if you feel confused between these increasing various TV series and can’t decide what to watch, don’t worry we got your back in this article.

Binge-Worthy Shows:

( Happy Valley)


The British drama TV show tells the story of the indomitable and fragile northern English policewoman Catherine Cawood, played by Sarah Lancashire, coming back in a third season of Sally Wainwright’s scintillating procedural ‘Happy Valley’ with a last task to save her family and community. Cowood finds herself have to face successive kidnapping spirals that turned into brutal series of murder, worth to mention that’s all is unknowingly close to her home.

The show embraces a considerable balance between the suspense of the plot and a living portrait of the small English historical town, Yorkshire. Ranking the first on Rotten Tomatoes and scoring 8.5 on IMDb, we definitely recommend it to you.

(The Bear)

The two-season TV show is a light comedy-drama about a young chef who’s used to the fine dining restaurants who finds himself running a family local sandwich shop in Chicago. It’s the story of Carmen Berzatto in a world away from what he is used to, where he’s trying to balance between the soul-crushing reality of trading in Michelinu star restaurants for the new small business kitchen surrounded by strong-willed staff, stained family relationships, all while struggling with his brother’s suicide’s impacts. Scoring 8.6 on IMDb, you can undoubtedly free some space for it on your list for September.


It’s a ten-episode comedy drama Tv show that starts with an incident in the parking lot inducing a darkly funny series events spiral out of control in unexpected ways. As the lives of Amy and Danny, those who crashed in the parking, become evermore intertwined in a context where they seek revenge from one another. Beef is a prime cut comedy that finds the pathos in pettiness that we highly recommend to your list if you are in mood for a light show, especially that it has among its cast Ashley Park that we all loved as Mindy in Emily in Paris.

(The Last of Us)

It’s an adventure thriller series by Joel Miller as Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams , where Pascal is hired to smuggle the 14-years old Ellie out of an oppressive quarantine zone. This small job turns into a brutal heartbreaking journey where they try to traverse the USA borders, depending on each other for survival.

Among what they face during their journey is dangerous mushroom-headed zombies yet this is the least of show’s impacts as it openly brings deep humanity and emotion to its tense survival story manifested in the relation between Joel and Bella, as a bereaved father and orphaned girl. If you look for something that makes you rethink about existence and the human instinct for survival, look no more We brought you the perfect series not only in our jurisdiction but also IMDb agrees with us, it’s one of the highly rated shows by 8.8 points.

Cringe-Worthy Shows:

(Queen Cleopatra)

It’s the Netflix docdrama series tells the story of Queen Cleopatra, One of Egypt’s most successful monarchs, who is known for her powerful reign, beauty and tragic death. Her glorious rule of 21 years, which lasted from 51 BC to 30 BC, ended with her tragic suicide. Despite the story it embraces, the series was among the lowest rated ever whether on Netflix, IMDb (1.1) points, and Rotten Tomatoes 19%. The racial depiction and misinterpretation of history were some of the reasons for such a low score.


It’s the story of suburban mother of two children, Shahi. Her stable marriage starts to crumble when she decides to dive back in her memory and begins to journal her fantasy-driven past with her ex-husband, Demons. The critics see that the obsessive erotic drama with sex in addition to steamy interludes and melodramatic writing, all contributed to suffocate the proactive ideas in the show. The show had a score of 41% on Rotten Tomatoes for its first season and jumped to 55% in its second season, and received 5.6 points on IMDb.

(The Idol)

A five-episodes Tv show by The Weeknd as Tedros and Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn, the show is about the American pop star who seeks to redeem her career as the greatest and sexist pop star in America after a nervous breakdown. At such juncture, she meets Tedros, a nightclub impresario with sordid past and she fell under his confluence. The problem with The Idol that it rose so many expectations but turns to be one of the worst ever. The reviews were negative about its visualization and dialogue, it’s characterized by shock-and-awe visuals, grotesque sex, blatant sexism and oddly melodramatic performances that lowered its rate on IMDb to 4.9.


Velma is a 15-years old girl that found herself embroiled in a murder mystery where she is the prime suspect. She begins going behind the truth helped by her best friend Norville Rogers. Meanwhile, she’s trying to fix her friendship with Daphne Blake and find her missing mother, thwarting the visions stopping her. Some of the audience didn’t like the jokes and saw as superficial, some saw it boring as the 27 minutes feel like an hour, others saw that the dialogue manifest open sexism and racism, all of these account to its trouble rating at IMDb by 1.6.

Overall, it’s all about tastes, yet we tried to have some edits on your list from the audience perspective.

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