Unlocking the Secrets of Safah El Giza: An Exclusive Interview with the Brilliant Injy Abou El So’oud

Injy Abou El So’oud, the brilliant mastermind behind the script of Safah El Giza

Being a scriptwriter requires a great deal of creativity and skill, but being able to write a mind blowing crime thriller like Safah El Giza and professionally act in it demands more than just ordinary talent. Injy Abou El so’oud has proven to be exceptional in this regard. 

In our interview with Injy, we delved into her journey with the show and how difficult it must’ve been in creating a murder script rooted in a real-life event. Her responses undeniably demonstrated her immense talent as a writer and an actor

 Q. How does it feel portraying a character that is inspired by a real-life story?

It was a complex mixture of emotions, both tragic and exciting, and I hope the audience can experience the emotions I tried expressing, whether through writing about the different female characters or in the role I personally played.

Q. Can you tell us more on your role as Nour?

I was completely unaware that I would end up acting in the project, even as I was writing the characters. So, it was a genuine surprise when the director, Hadi El Bagoury, selected me for the role after I finished writing. I then went through an audition process and successfully got the role.

Q.What was the experience of writing like?

During the writing process, I found it mentally and emotionally tiring. The project itself was challenging to write, but for it to be realistic and appealing to the audience, I had to sacrifice some of my well-being. I faced psychological struggles throughout it and was mentally challenged, but I hope that people will come to like the show.

Q. Which episode were you most excited for?

Honestly, All them, Because the series only has 8 episodes, there is no option for boringly laying out the events or making them lengthy. Every scene and every dialogue is important to the storyline.

Safah El Giza

We are eagerly looking forward to the remaining two episodes of the show, curious to see what surprises Injy has in store for us, both in terms of her writing and her performance as Nour.

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