Here Is 2023’s Most Grevious Serial Killer Explored Through The Eyes of Ahmad Fahmy.

UH: You must love the character you’re playing. How did you achieve that in spite of the horrors of your character?

Ahmad Fahmy: It’s extremely essential to love the character that you’re playing. It was extremely hard for me to love such a character, so I decided to find out his real motives to be able to sympathise with him and somehow like him.

That is why I began working with psychologists, an acting coach and the writers/producers who knew so many details about the serial killer. As I placed myself in his shoes, I began to realise how he functions the way he does because if you aren’t in his shoes, you will continue to hate him. After that, I was able to fully comprehend the nature of the killer.


UH: How were you able to put behind the lively character of Mr. X and move on to a dark serial killer?

Ahmad Fahmy: Thank God… I was able to achieve that even though we are talking about two completely different genres. This isn’t moving on from comedy to crime; you’re moving on to a real serial killer. Thankfully, I had so much fun at work this year and with everyone who was involved in the production. They were all unique individuals and I am grateful for all those who collaborated on this project (Tarek, Hady, Shahid etc.); they did their best so that we succeeded!

UH: Can you tell us about someone you were excited to work with on this project?

Ahmad Fahmy: Hady who was my friend for a long time but he joined late after me. Other than that, there are a lot of names: Rakeen, Bassem, Salah Abdallah and pretty much all the actors.

UH: Is there a specific episode you are waiting for the opinion of the audience on it?

Ahmad Fahmy: I don’t watch my projects; I’m not one of the actors who can easily watch themselves on the big screen. They’re saying, however, that the fifth episode is somewhat different 😉

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