Strawberry Makeup Glow: Unveiling the Secrets to a Stunning Look & Where to Find Your Products

Your perfect guide to master the Strawberry Makeup look

During the summer season, the makeup world has seen a surge of new tutorials and looks. Beauty aesthetics have taken the center stage on TikTok, captivating makeup enthusiasts and artists alike. The current trend is all about embracing simplicity when it comes to makeup. Hailey Bieber has shared her personal tutorial for her everyday go-to makeup routine – Strawberry makeup. This particular style focuses on achieving a fresh and natural appearance, with an emphasis on enhancing one’s features rather than heavy makeup application.

Strawberry Makeup

To master this look,it is recommended to have a few essential makeup products in your collection. Watsons beauty concept store has picked all your favorite products including the perfect pink blush and all the lip products needed to add a touch of color and a youthful glow to your face.

Let us first walk you through on how to achieve the flawless strawberry-inspired makeup look. Hailey begins by prepping her skin, enhancing its natural radiance and leaving it with a luminous and glazed glow. Moving on, she contours her forehead and cheeks, adding dimension and shape to them. To perfect her look , Hailey delicately applies concealer under her eyes and on the corners of her nose and lips. 

At the heart of this tutorial lies the important step of selecting the perfect pink cream blush, which gives a soft and delicate look . Strawberry makeup is all about exuding a sun-kissed glow and embracing a hydrated skin. As the final touch, Hailey uses a peachy cream highlighter, wrapping the look with a warm pink tone. She sweeps a gentle cream blush across her lips, adding a subtle touch of color that enhances their natural beauty.

Even as summer draws to a close, the flawless strawberry makeup remains an irresistible addition to your everyday beauty routine. What could be more beautiful than a glazed and fresh appearance?

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