Here are 2024’s Top Ten Ins and Outs for a Year of the Century

This year everyone is deciding it’s time for some new changes and sharing their ins and outs for the New Year. Here’s our list for the 2024 ins and outs.


Solo dates


It’s 2024. Stop waiting for someone to have fun. The motto for this year is all self-love, self-care and taking care of yourself. Treat yourself just because. Solo dates are a great way to explore new activities and places you’ve always wanted to try, you totally don’t need a significant other to have fun.

Spending time outdoors

Main characters can’t be lying in their room scrolling through social media all day. Seriously, get out there and live your life. You’re only young once. 2024 is about actually being present and making memories, we don’t want to waste our best years being a shadow on the internet.

Saving money

Saying goodbye to takeout, impulsive purchases and online shopping with no limit. It’s time to empty your never ending online cart and choose spending wisely. It makes it easier when you’re older to start saving habits, trust .


Sustainable, check, Fashionable, check. Unique, check. Affordable, check. What’s not to love about thrifting? You can grab unique, vintage pieces of clothing to amplify your look. Thrifting helps you take part in fighting fast fashion trends while looking fabulous.

Taking care of our mental health

It’s so easy to get caught up with family obligations, school, extracurriculars and other things. Sometimes we’re stuck in a loop of constantly working and there’s a lot pressure, growing up means making decisions that could change your life forever. In the midst of all this we often neglect our mental health, falling into mental turmoil. So this year, we’re taking rest seriously, not having to put up a fake front of happiness, setting boundaries and taking care of out mental health.


Negative self-talk

Because hating on yourself and brining yourself down is really not the vibe. Self-love is the way in 2024. It’s okay to be self-aware and acknowledge your flaws but don’t keep beating yourself up In 2024 we’re leaving out constant self-depreciation and encouraging healthy growth, no more I hate myself energy.

Toxic friends

Friends that bring nothing but drama, negativity and draining energy have got to go. If you’re friends aren’t uplifting you, encouraging you and celebrating your wins, say goodbye to that energy in 2024. No time for fights, secret haters and unsupportive friendships this years. It’s better to be alone in 2024 than with the wrong company.

Starbucks and other boycotted brands

In 2023 we had to say goodbye to the iconic Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Caramel Frappuccino, KFC fried chicken and other beloved favourite takeout chains because many companies had been financially supporting the genocide in Palestine. Brands that support any sort of unethical practices, including exploiting workers, child labour and low wages are being left out of 2024.

Doom Scrolling

This is something a lot of Gen Z’s are guilty of. Spending time on your phone and social media, scrolling mindlessly, getting lost watching TikTok and reels for hours. It’s time to kick a 10+ hour screen time out. Exploring the internet should take up part of your time, not your entire time completely. Have at least an hour of no screen time and try to put your phone on flight mode to take breaks. No more scrolling till sunrise in 2024.

Skinny jeans

Not all skinny jeans are out, just most. Fashion is subjective, and this is not a must-do when getting rid of things in 2024 but most of us can agree that skinny jeans are uncomfortable, unflattering and a bit out of style. Not to say you still can’t rock a pair of skinny jeans, if it’s your personal style, go for it. But for most, we would highly recommend trying to thrift flip your skinny jeans.

These are some of our ins and outs for 2024, some are quite serious, some are more causal. I hope this gets you thinking about what you want in and out of your life in 2024.

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