C2 opens its doors to the public in a stunning opening event


Over the weekend, Uthhub attended the highly anticipated opening of the C2 licenced district at City Walk. There was an electric atmosphere from the entrance. The place was stunning, with an inviting open courtyard at the centre. Dubai is a city where the residents adore everything that looks modern, chic and vibrant, which is the exact vibe of the place. Looking around, I saw different offers, each restaurant having its unique vibe, bringing something different to the table. This was a blended area where you could casually have fun with friends, business meetings, or romantic dates. Different restaurants brought different energies, making C2 enjoyable to explore.

Mythos Urban Eatery at C2

I dined in the well-known and loved Mythos Urban Greek Eatery. The restaurant had a neutral, minimalistic Mediterranean-style architecture that was complimented by dim, ambient lighting. It felt cosy and intimate, the warm tones and soft lighting creating a very picturesque setting. From within the restaurant, there was the melodic sound of a live band that sang groovy music, echoing within the room.

Mythos was a gorgeous slice of Europe, with the menu displaying an array of Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The lush interior gave off an exquisite atmosphere but was also relaxed, with greenery scattered around the room. It’s a perfect destination for good conversation and food, with excellent quick service. The presentation was also aesthetically pleasing, with fresh, delectable food being served.

As the night went on, the place buzzed with life and excitement, with the courtyard filled with laughter, chatter, and a diverse option of bite-sized snacks and refreshments being passed around. Everyone had smiles and high energy for the night, with many visiting the place for a post-work dinner or catchups over a yummy meal. The mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked pizza lingered in the air from the Italian restaurant Primi, which was popular and packed, with active servers shifting through the restaurant seamlessly.

At every corner, there was entertainment, with a blinged-out human-sized monkey taking photos and strolling around and a skilled artist creating impressive paintings live. As the night went on, the catchy band was replaced by live DJs, and the music vibrated through the open courtyard, which became occupied and bustling with life by the end of the night. One night wasn’t sufficient to explore the various dining places at C2 serving different types of guests. So many attractive places to select, but I couldn’t try it all in one night.

According to their press release, the C2 dining destination will have even more to offer in future. Six new restaurants are set to open soon, and the place has an impressive amount of space to move about and explore, with the total area being 25,000 square feet.

The place intends to create a casual dining destination with diverse culinary options, which was displayed successfully on the opening night. Whatever your tastes are, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, from beef sliders to pizzas, pasta or seafood. The six restaurants that have opened are Baku Café, Brass Monkey, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Mythos Kouzina & Grill, Primi Cucina Italiana and Nola Bijou Bistro & Bar. It has also been conveniently placed near central areas in Dubai, DIFC and Downtown Dubai.

If you’re looking for an elegant dinner, some fun to destress or an exciting fusion of different cuisines, C2 Licenced District is the perfect place.

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