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Dubai Bling’s Ebraheem Al Samadi addresses rumors about being gay

Framed as the villain of Netflix’s Dubai Bling, the reality TV star, Ebraheem Al Samadi is no stranger to rumors about his sexuality.

Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling star’s TikTok retort

The rumors started as early as his debut on the show, with him creating drama and getting involved in feuds with a cast of characters and this trend continuing into season two. In December 2023, he took to TikTok to squash rumors about him being a closeted gay man. He claims to respect everyone but “the moment that they are going to be pushing their agenda on me, that’s the time, they’ve crossed the line.”

“He is so LGBTQ+” read some comments on social media.

The Dubai Bling star has retorted that if he were gay, it would not be an issue as he is an American citizen and has lived in America for a portion of his life; he doesn’t feel the need to please his parents by getting married.

Ebraheem has been married three times, with his current marriage being with a woman named Hamdah. He claims people are being disrespectful to his wife by demanding she reveal her identity. As a more private person, there are no full pictures of her online.

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