Trailblazing women you should know about in 2024

The past year has been a difficult and dark time for the world, but there are many women who are making changes everyday. Here’s a list of ten influential women who are using their power for the good to make a change in the world.

Plestia Alaqad – Palestinian Journalist 


This young 22-year-old Palestinian became a citizen journalist covering the devastating genocide in Gaza first-hand. Through the difficult challenges of the genocide, she documented everyday life in Gaza through her Instagram page. Her courage and bravery have inspired many; she leaves a lasting impact, having risked her life to raise awareness about the Palestinian genocide

Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke – New Zealand Politician

Hana Rawhiti is one of the youngest prime ministers in the world, at the impressive age of 21. Hana Rawhiti advocates for change, sustainability, and the preservation of Maori culture. A viral video of her delivering a powerful speech in parliament turned heads in the media, showing that she will unapologetically be a voice for her people.

Hind Khoudary – Palestinian Journalist 

Hind Khoudary is another brave citizen journalist who is currently in Gaza, Palestine, sharing information on what is happening during the ongoing genocide. Her social media account has been a source of information for many when being a journalist in Gaza is a life-threatening position. She is a woman whose bravery inspires many. She is taking the brave step of being a voice for Palestinians.

Chief Kachindamoto – Malawian Chief

Chief Theresa Kachindamoto is a Malawian chief who has ended thousands of child marriages in Malawi, which is a prevalent issue in Malawi, with one in two girls being forcefully married before 18. Her work and advocacy for education and equality for young girls are changing the lives of thousands in Malawi. 

Malala Yousafzai – Pakistani education activist

A Nobel Peace Prize winner and advocate for education for women, Malala speaks up for thousands of young girls who can’t get an education. She was shot by the Taliban for fighting for her education and has since been sharing her story to shed light on empowering women to get an education. You should read more about her inspirational story in her memoir, I Am Malala.

Zahra Joya – Afghani journalist

Zahra Joya is an Afghani journalist who fled the Taliban rule and is currently fighting for women’s equality in Afghanistan. She runs a news agency that covers the stories of women in Afghanistan who overcame struggles and challenges after Zahra relocated to London as a refugee. Zahra uses her platform to speak up for oppressed women with potential.

Erica Robin – First Miss Universe Pakistan 

Breaking stereotypes and going on stage after facing backlash, the first ever Miss Universe Pakistan, Erica Robin, combines brains and beauty. Erica Robin received a lot of criticism heading onto the stage, being part of the minority Christian population in Pakistan. Erica Robin is on a mission to showcase the beauty of Pakistan and positively represent Pakistani culture while supporting humanitarian causes.

Great Thunberg – Climate activist 

This teenage climate activist has been making waves and changes since her early teens, calling international governments to take urgent action for a greener and more sustainable future. She is a pioneer for climate change and has been outspoken about climate justice and being on the autism spectrum.

Quinta Brunson – American producer and writer

Quinta Brunson is the youngest black woman to receive a comedy acting nomination and the first black woman in over 30 years to receive three comedy nominations in a single year. She is breaking records in the film and directing world, creating the critically acclaimed Abbott Elementary comedy series. For women in the production industry, she is shattering the glass ceiling.

Jeannette Kagame – First Lady Of Rwanda

The first lady of Rwanda, Jeannette Kagame, promotes equality for women in Rwanda, is a philanthropist with a giving heart, and is a pioneer in supporting individuals living with HIV/AIDS. She has been a long-term advocate for helping those in need, with an emphasis on assisting HIV/AIDS patients, which has gained her positive recognition, being awarded the African Achievers Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.

I hope this list introduced you to a few trailblazing women and you were inspired by their stories.

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