Dubai Bling In Turkey: A New Collaboration Or A Fun Summer Vacation?

Our Favorite Dubai Bling Cast Spotted In Turkey

We’ve seen our Dubai Bling actors in a variety of custom pieces and striking clothesline collaborations throughout the past few months. So it’s clear why fans got excited and curious after celebrity and influencer Sabsi Tubic posted pictures with the cast around cities of Turkey.Through their trip,Ebraheem Al samadi,farhana,lojain,safaand Dj Bliss were spotted wearing customized ” FAMOUS ” shirts from KKoncept.

The trip served as a break from the heat and crowded atmosphere of Dubai and provided the ideal setting for not only an early summer holiday but a unique photoshoot. Khaled Ali, the creator of KKconcept, discussed the line created exclusively for the actors and how the trip is going with ITP Live.

Summer in Beirut, a new collection from Kkconcept, was introduced earlier in May and will be released on June 20. Although we are unsure if the cast modeled for the new collection, we are confident that the trip photo shoot will be one of a kind

“We spoke a lot about Dubai Bling and what’s going to happen next. They were very happy with everything. I knew the right people to put together, so the group was perfect and everyone got along together.”

The trip seemed to be ideal for everyone to enjoy themselves a little bit and create content for the followers. Another trip with the cast is being planned, according to Khaled Ali.

And although the new season of Dubai’s Bling hasn’t been revealed yet, we are already loving the content we’re getting and are eagerly waiting for season 2.

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