Dubai Bling X Bling : A Special Clothing Collaboration From Your Favorite Cast

A Clothing Line Designed By The Cast Of Dubai Bling

A few weeks ago, a couple of Dubai’s Bling cast announced that they would be collaborating with BLING,a clothing line created by Kane Lim and Jon Koon to embrace diversity and differences.

Dubai Bling

The Collection was designed and modeled by Ebraheem Al Samadi,Dj Bliss and Danya Mohammed from Hoodies to pjs and casual wear all to be released on the 28th of April at Bawhaus In Nakeel Mall. 

Danya’s kids, who were delightfully cute and added a playful feel to the session, were also included to the photoshoot 

Each Member added his/her own unique style into the pieces making them distinctive and unique.A percentage of the profit is given to a charity of their choice.

For those who don’t know, Danya launched her own clothing line in 2013 for casual wear and has also announced a new brand at the beginning of the year :DEEsignS, a luxurious shoe brand in partnership with Shewak Designs.

Many people have said that the pieces are comfortable and the fabrics and materials are excellently placed.We can’t wait to see more of the collection in stores.

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