Our Top 4 Favorite Middle Eastern Couples

When it comes to relationships, we all need certain role models to pave the road for us. Here are some couples that are redefining the concept of healthy relationships in the Middle East.

1-Elias Bakhazi & Karen Wazen 

When it comes to Karen & Elias, it’s safe to assume that everyone that follows them looks up to their relationship in more ways than one.

Having married back in 2012, surpassing the suspicious rumour that loves flails after a decade, Wazen & Bakhazi share 3 children in the limelight.


But why is it that the couple is one that many appeal to? They exemplify the notion of a healthy relationship in the middle east.

It’s no secret that Wazen has had her fair share of fame and it looks like Bakhazi continues to support Wazen throughout her many endevours, trials and tribulations; commending her success, instead of discouraging it. And at the end of the day, that’s all we really want, someone who’s there for us through it all. 

In fact, it’s not just the Bakhazi simply supports Wazen from a distance, both Bakhazi and Wazen have their own sunglasses brand and it’s doing quite well, maybe a reflection of their very own relationship?

2-Aya Ibrahim & Yasser Ahmed

Aya & Yasser are quickly growing to become one of the Middle East’s it couples. But how so?

Having made tik toks with one another for a couple of years and finally tying the knot, late of last year, Aya & Ahmed have consistenyly maintained the transparency of what it means to share a relationship; a healthy relationship. They’ve discussed the ups, as well as the downs and have remained truthful with their audience over how they manage to maintain their relationship. And as they weave through married life, Aya and Yasser continue to uphold their authenticity through the various videos that bring their audience along on what it takes to build a house; what it takes to find a home

Aya and Yasser scream genuinity. No wonder everyone loves them!

3-Ola Roshdy & Ahmed Dawood 

On a more industrial scale; Ola Roshdy & Ahmed Dawood steal the show at every red carpet appearance they make. Their electric connection carries through the various medias and it’s difficult not to exemplify what they have. Having 2 kids together, and both being actors; Roshdy & Dawood manage to propagate positivity via their relationships and we constantly find ourselves looking for them at every awards show. 

Their unwavering support of one another’s careers and projects, as well as their support of their children’s wants and desires is something we find ourselves turning towards time after time. In the end, the privacy that both Ola and Ahmed maintain is also something we admire. Remember, romance is not dead if you keep it just yours!

4-Omaya Zein & Muhammed El Bannan

Omaya of Venezuelan-Palestinian descent and Muhammed of Egyptian descent, became a household of cultural melting-pot when they got married back in 2014. 

Today, both Zein and El Bannan share their lives on social media and are vocal of their support and love for one another and each other’s cultures. But more importantly, they both persevere in their own interests, finding a way at the end of the day to include each other; signaling that while you can love someone to the ends of the earth, maintaining your own sense of self and identity is equally as important and that you should find someone that would encourage you to get at life from your own lens from time to time and that your differences aren’t the end-all, be-all, sometimes our differences are grounds for bringing us closer.

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