11 Dubai Creators We Absolutely Love!

1-Zahra Abdalla (@cookingwithzahra)

Zahra with her dog Luna

Of Sudanese and Iranian heritage, Zahra is one content creator quickly gaining traction in Dubai for her speciality in middle-eastern cuisine. Zahra, due to her expat life which has led her to Dubai, has cultivated quite a unique sense of food that doesn’t befall others quite as easily; incorporating the many dishes and cuisines of the dozen or so countries she’s visited.

Additionally, Zahra released a best-selling cook-book back in 2019, detailing her favourite Persian recipes, which remains to this days one of the best cook-books in the region 

Now, Zahra has her own company, Zahra Kitchen, which provides delicious middle eastern snacks all across Dubai, which have proven to be quite popular. All the more reason to add Zahra to your following list and try out some of her recipes yourself 😉

2-Karen Wazen (@karenwazen)

Karen for a Miu Miu Campaign

Karen Wazen is without a doubt one of the Middle East’s favourite public figures and influencers. 

Of Lebanese heritage, Karen is the first Middle Eastern woman to become the face of a Roberto Cavalli campaign. 

Wazen also quickly rose to fame after her involvement with a number of well-known enterprises including Miu Miu and Pantene.

Wazen also spoke at the Forbes 30/50 Global Women’s summit in early March, in which she represented the region on a global scale.

Wazen is highly regarded as an individual who people turn to for their daily dose of positivity & self-acceptance, as Wazen struggles with Vitiligo; a skin condition many have had to struggle in silence with.

Wazen also has her own Sunglasses brand and proves time after time that being a mother isn’t synonymous with being a housewife, instead Wazen is a role model not only to her kids but to the millions of women that follow her, that you can indeed do it all. 

3-Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty)

Huda in Dubai for Eid

Huda is the self-proclaimed beauty guru that has launched the middle eastern beauty world into existence. Today, Kattan is more than just an influencer, with over 50 million followers, Kattan has launched her own brand, Huda Beauty, which is now highly regarded as one of the best high-end makeup brands on the markets.

Huda is also one creator that keeps it real with her audience, often discussing her struggles of maintaining her heritage whilst honoring her own wishes; a struggle all-too-known to brown women who grew up in a western culture.

On the whole, Huda acts as a pillar to all women wanting to pursue a dream, but are too scared to do so; she’s proof that the sky’s the limit and that if you really want something, you can go for it; unwavering of people’s judgement.

4-Manal Rostom (@manirostom) 

Manal in Japan

Egyptian-native, Manal Rostom is becoming one of the world’s most renowned runners. Leading a fast-paced life in which she chases after races from Japan to Dubai. 

Rostom is also the first Egyptian woman to climb Everest and the first Egyptian woman to complete the 6 world marathon majors: quite the rep sheet!! 

We love Manal, because she’s unwavering in her identity and true to herself and her audience about her heritage. Rostom shares the ups as well as the downs of pursuing her passions; because although Rostom is a highly-decorated Nike Ambassador, there’s some BTS ugliness that some might be unacquainted to. Manal acquaints you to it. 

Manal keeps it 100. She discusses her religion openly, accepts and counters criticism to the T. In short, Manal teaches every Arab woman out there that she can very much take up all the space she desires to and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

5-Yara Aziz (@yaraaziz

The loved YouTuber has incorporated the ‘entertainment’ element quite well with a wide range of all sorts of videos and posts to keep you laughing and engaged! It really is the YouTube channel you go to after a long day at work, school or college. Although it drives you away from reality, it’s all about reality!

6-Banen stars (@baneenstars)


Now this queen simply is the paragon of elegance! She is the golden synthesiser of elegance and modern fashion. You’re not sure which outfit to put on for that occasion you’ve been stressing about? Then, her account is a must-check! Her sense of fashion is truly impeccable!

7-Hadia Ghaleb (@hadiaghaleb)

The founder and CEO of www.hadiaghaleb.com is the revolutionizer of burkinis! If you’re a hijabi who is hesitant about which swimwear to put on this summer, then Hadia Ghaleb is who you should check out! Her work truly inspires everyone to the extent that she was invited to speak at the renowned University of Harvard!

8-Jessica Kahawaty (@jessicakahawaty)

The Dubai Elle Woods! A figure who is well-immersed in the modelling industry is also a human rights law graduate! She most certainly is the definition of ‘beauty and brains’, setting the standard for all Arab girls in the competitive, male-dominated field of law and entrepreneurship!

9- Khalid Al Ameri & Salama Mohamed (@khalidalameri & @salamamohamed)

The adorable Emirati married couple who succeeded in life and romantically is showing us that your dreams are not so unrealistic! You do not have to sacrifice love for success and vice versa! In fact, they proved to us that love can be a success and with the right partner, you will always feel whole!

10-Khalid Alherani & Nora Achmaoui (@khalid.alherani & @noriyanori)

Another married couple that we absolutely love and although one is a fitness trainer and the other is an author (so they both hold different aesthetics), they are truly a magical dynamic that we all admire. They are too surreal that if we were to compare them to a tale, then they most certainly are the Aladdin and Princess Jasmine of our generation!

11-Dania, Rania & Talia (@daniahfawazz, @raniafawazz & @taliaafawaz)

Being the Emirati Kardashians, the iconic trio shows us what real sisterhood looks like! While one is a gamer, the other is a fitness trainer and the third is a beauty blogger, their resounding successes bind them together like diamonds. Siblings by luck, but icons by choice!

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