Want to Hire Youth? Here Is How You Can Attract Us  

As young professionals enter and exist in the modern workforce, it is critical to identify factors that can influence their productivity, performance and success. In the digital age, the youth are transforming the workplace and ushering in a new culture that organisations must adapt to. 

Yspot, the unique and forward-thinking platform designed to revolutionize connectivity between youth and organizations in the UAE, shares tips and factors on how companies can enhance employee experience to help in the attraction and retention of the best young talents available in the region. 

Open communication and collaboration

Young professionals naturally seek an environment that gives them freedom and encourages their creativity and a place where their ideas and contributions are heard and valued. 


Interns come with fresh perspectives and by introducing open communication, organisations can gain valuable insights that help drive innovation. When a degree of trust and transparency is built, young interns and professionals are empowered to voice concerns and share ideas. Young professionals are open to communication, be it to praise or give criticism, and prefer to be in a workplace that is receptive to feedback and has room for improvement. 

Most organisations are starting to shift from vertical to horizontal structures that drive collaboration, teamwork, and innovation and reduce time to market. In this change, employers should empower the more experienced members of staff to mentor the younger ones. This encourages productivity and motivation among the senior and junior members of the organisations to interact and share their knowledge without fear that they may be replaced. 

Training and development

Employers can play a critical role in helping youth develop skills and create relationships they may not experience at university or home. Companies that invest in their young employees by offering development programmes that further enhance their skills, increase satisfaction levels on both sides and create better retention rates.

Yspot advises organisations to onboard their interns and young professionals by sharing their mission and vision that clearly outlines what they stand for. A critical part of the decision-making process of the new generation is having a workplace where they share a common goal and the same values.

Flexible schedule and workplace

Young professionals are increasingly seeking jobs with companies who offer flexible working cultures in a desire for a better work-life balance and are willing to stay with the same employer for a longer period. They feel empowered working for a company that adapts to global trends and provides a flexible schedule, and they are more likely to be more productive and engaged.

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The youth realise that productivity is no longer measured by hours spent in the office but rather by work delivered and quality of work. Not only should organisations allow for flexible working hours but they should also ensure they have the technology to support this, especially with interns that are mobile. 

Having a workplace where young professionals thrive is crucial for any organization to maximise the benefits of their innovative and adaptable mindset. There is no one-size fits for meaningful youth integration, but employers who actively listen, identify unmet needs, and offer tangible ways to fill in existing gaps, will have young employees’ loyalty, passion and commitment to the organisation.

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