Welcome to Wrexham: The Underdog Story That Will Inspire You (If It Didn’t Yet).

After getting a promotion within the league following their 3-1 win over Boreham Wood, Welcome to Wrexham was a great hit and super exciting for Disney+! But where did they start from, and how did they reach there?

Here’s What You Need to Know about the Documentary

In Mid Summer of 2022, the public saw the launch of Ryan Renolds’ Disney+ Documentary, Welcome to Wrexham, which is not your typical ‘out-of-the-box’ plot. The admired Ryan Renolds and Rob Mcelhenney went so far that they purchased one of the worst soccer teams in Europe in hopes of transforming them into champions. Ironically, that is (perhaps) not the most unrealistic part of the documentary! Both of the actors, who are coaching these future ‘champions’, possessed little to no background information on Football…

It is an entertaining and heart-warming look as the two actors navigate the world of football club ownership and showcase the passion and dedication of the Wrexham fans that has led to their promotion.


Who knows? Those underdogs might end up preparing for Fifa World Cup!

Wrexham Turned out Differently than we Expected!

At the beginning of the show, you learn (alongside the actors) how the different football systems work. As pessimistic and humorous as it sounds, their dreams of reaching the top were shaped into reality! Fortunately, they won multiple games until they climbed to the top of the National League – an accomplishment to be commended considering their hopeless start. In essence, their success was so tumultuous that they earned a promotion to the proceeding tier of England’s soccer pyramid!


Season 2 Expectations

After the great and rather sentimental hit of Season 1, fans are expecting the new season to be released by mid-August or early September! Now, since the plotline is completely hidden from the public with absolutely no hints, a great number of rumours have been circulating the storyline. Some believe that the royal family will visit the Racecourse Ground, which shall certainly be exciting to view how they manage such an honourable visit.

Some are highly anticipating Wrexham’s participation in The Football Association Challenge Cup, which is the oldest national football competition in the world. Even better, the concept of diversity is going to be taken seriously – we are expecting to see women dominate the show! The Wrexham Association Football Club Women are expected to make their debut in season 2 considering they recently won the Genero Adran Noth league while triumphing against Briton Ferry.

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