Latest Preparations for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is drawing closer already and football fans are getting extremely excited. The World Cup is of course one of the most popular events for not just sports lovers but for all humanity for the World Cup does literally bring the whole world together. According to FIFA, the FIFA World Cup 2018 drew 3.57 billion viewers. So, nearly half the world population watched that version of the World cup And the reason is just simple; it is not just a country or even a continent’s most popular game, it is football , aka the World Game!

What is so special about World Cup 2022?

For the first time ever, FIFA is holding the World cup in an Arab Country , which is a great opportunity to show some of our culture to the world. Moreover, it will be a great push to Arab national teams playing in the World Cup. It is just that the stadiums at Qatar this year will have much more Arab fans than any time before. Furthermore, FIFA stated that fans coming from all over the world will have a lot of new activities to experience. Islands and water sports, historical sightseeing, night performances and much more cool thing to try at the World Cup.

Water Sports at Qatar

Cultural Nights that will be present at Qatar 2022 World Cup


Regarding preparations, Qatar has obviously done some hard work. In FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, this will be the first time ever that all the stadiums will be fully air-conditioned to overcome the high temperatures of the Gulf area. That is not the first record to be hit though. It is also the first time ever for the World Cup to take place in winter in November to ,also, tackle the high temperatures . The matches will be played on 8 Stadiums which are undoubtedly a work of art: Khalifa International Stadium, Stadium 974, Albayt stadium which will hold the opening match between Senegal and Netherlands, Al Janoub Stadium, Al Thumama stadium, Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, The Education City diamond- Shaped Stadium which changes color with the passage of the sun and ,finally, the biggest of them all; The Lusail Iconic stadium which will hold the Final Game.

And regarding the transportation, all 8 stadiums of the championship are connected to the metro System. Moreover, ticket holders can use the free public transport. Stadium Express busses will be ,also, there to make things easier so it looks like transportation is nothing to worry about at all.

Hence, if that World Cup Version succeeded, that will surely give other Arab countries the chance to take that huge step to have the honor of holding the World Cup!

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