Sara Sabry: First Egyptian to fly to space

Sara Sabry: An enterprising Egyptian aiming to bring hope to her country as she prepares to journey to the edge of space.

Sara was chosen by Space For Humanity’s-which created the planet’s first citizen astronaut program- 2nd citizen astronaut to go to space after the mexican Katya Echazarreta and Egypt’s first female analog astronaut.

Engineer Sara Sabry will be one of six passengers to join New Shepard’s 22nd space tourism flight (NS-22) operated by the American private aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin, a private aerospace company owned by Amazon founder and American billionaire, Jeff Bezos.

The entire experience on a Blue Origin flight lasts for 10 minutes. After reaching apogee, the flight brings passengers a few minutes of weightlessness as well as breathtaking views of our outstanding planet Earth and the darkness of outer space.

The capsule then descends to the Texas desert under three parachutes and engines, bringing the passengers safely back to Earth, although a launch date is yet to be announced.

Sara studied engineering at The American University in Cairo AUC and took a masters degree in mechanical and biomedical engineering at Italy’s Polytechnic University of Milan. She is also currently preparing for her PhD in aerospace sciences with a focus on space suit design.

Ms Sabry is the deputy CTO of aTech startup in Berlin working on Augmented Reality mobile applications, and the founder of Deep Space Initiative, a non-profit that works to increase accessibility to space research.

The Egyptian Space Agency (EGSA) has expressed its support and congratulations to Sabry on her unprecedented feat.

In 2016 she traveled around Africa volunteering in different schools and organisations, Including a Woman Empowerment Centre in Uganda. She is tremendously zealous about our oceans, is an advanced open-water certified diver, and spent six weeks in Madagascar as a marine conservationist.

During her studies in Egypt, Sara was a Yoga instructor, Cross Fit coach, and spent some time practicing Mixed Martial Arts.

We can’t wait to see more astonishing Egyptian women like Ms Sabry very soon.

Writer: Mariam Ibrahim, Co-writer: Norhan Hany

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