The ability to be optimistic about life has an enormous impact on how bright our future can be. Radiating postive energy can truly change you and your life as a whole. So how can you be a more optimistic person?

1. Challenge yourself Try something new, something you never expected you’d ever try. Maybe you’d end up figuring out a new passion you never knew you had? That thing you tried out may make you happier than ever.

2. Create a positive morning ritual Make your morning as simple as you can, but effective. Your morning routine imacts the rest of your day. Wake up slowly, drink your cup of coffee, and meditate

3. Remind yourself that this life is temporary Everytime you remind yourself this life is not forever, you’ll sense that living the moment is the most important part. Live, be happy, and enjoy the good and bad moments.

4. Have realistic expectations Having super high expectations can sometimes ruin your mood. Be realistic and don’t lie to yourself. Set tough goals and challenge yourself ofcourse, but do not over do it. For example, losing 6 kgs in 1 day is almost impossible. Maybe say losing 6 kgs in 2-3 weeks. That would be more realistic.

​ 5. Dream and visualize Allow yourself to dream and visualize your future. If you can truly visualize something you want to achieve, your brain is more likely to believe it’s possible. Sit alone, listen to your music, dream, imagine, and visualize. ​

written by: Sara Ayoub

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