a week ago My family and I met a guy at a gold and stone shop, he talked about how stones and crystals made his life easier and how it saved him from all evil things. I am sure a lot of us may have heard stories of stones and crystals over the years. They possess healing power. Magic spells, formulas, and spiritual tools, Crystals and stones have a great position throughout the history.they have the lowest amount of entropy. Crystals are a million years old. Back in time Sumerians, ancient Egyptians, and Ancient Greek used crystals for protection and health. They were mostly placed In temples and used in various occasions and ceremonies like marriage, birth, and death. Ancient Egyptians even placed them by the dead to ensure and provide safe travel as they moved into the afterlife. The word crystal comes from the Greek language meaning “ice”.Later on, In the middle ages, people started digging deeply and researching the benefits and the power of crystals. It was used for curing different diseases and mental illnesses. 

Crystal healing is considered a  pseudoscience alternative medicine Subsequently, People used gemstones to draw out negative energy from their bodies as a form of therapy. Others believed that it can cure people of cancer. Many types of crystals are used to reduce anxiety such as Quartz and agate. Some stones were even known for Increasing Good dreams and clear skin like Amethyst. This one should really help in skin routines. Others are used for increasing creativity and inspiration such as citrine. Besides physical healing. People used stones and crystals as a form of protection from Things like jealousy, or Envy. Egyptians till now use blue stones and rocks to drive Away hate. Crystals were also used for dealing with skin problems.they are put in eye, skin, and body products. while choosing the aware of fake and low quality.let the crystal chooses you, the one you feel attracted to the most. Understand its benefits and properties before using it. But Crystals and stones were never scientifically proven by doctors. Yet some people believe the power of the stones and crystals are beyond powerful. Multiple types of research and studies were made, but science didn’t demonstrate any success or a cure. Despite the fact that crystals don’t scientifically heal, but still, they are known for their unique and vibrant colors.crystals may not heal but they hold an utterly beautiful vibe. ​

Written by: Mariem mohamed

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