We Never Liked Stranger Things Anyway. Here’s Why.

Aside from the boring and exaggerated typical plot of a kid with superpowers fighting monsters, the main cast playing that insufferable show titled Stranger Things is a bunch of terrorists. If you’re a human with a basic heart and a mobile phone, I’m sure you’ve heard of what is going on in Jerusalem and Gaza. And if you haven’t, to cut it short, millions have been displaced and innocent women with their children are being slaughtered every day as you read this.

Really? That’s what all the hype is about??

The actor who plays Will (the superficial and annoying kid who got kidnapped by the monster from Stranger Things), N*ah Schnapp, has been publicly standing with the oppressor’s side and promoting the genocide by passing out stickers that say ‘Z**nism is sexy’. Any human with eyes that can see the obvious would call this nothing but the epitome of disgust and inhumanity. N*ah Schnapp and people like him symbolise ignorance and baseless white supremacy.

In 2019, he played the role of a half-Israeli and half-Palestinian boy in a movie called Abe. Basically, this boy explores and tries to solve his internal family conflicts by cooking food. And therein lies the catch: how could you portray the dilemma of being Palestinian in a Western society, but then proceed to publicly and proudly support literal terrorism and genocide?

But as the public stood against him and began boycotting while requesting his removal from Stranger Things, he thought he should gain the public’s respect back by weeping a few tears on camera and reading the script of his Notes App. Fortunately for us though, his few tears didn’t work and were nothing but proof for us that speaking up and boycotting are real.

What’s even worse is that not only does the proud N*ah Schnapp support terrorism, but the fellow Stranger Things cast (including Br*tt Gelman who plays Murray Bauman) do stand with genocide. The side actor (Br*tt Gelman) told TMZ that Noah did not need to apologise. In his own words, he said, “I saw nothing wrong. He held up a sticker saying Z**nism is sexy… z**nism is the belief that Israel should exist, and that’s sexy to me too.”

Although he’s not one to judge what’s sexy and what’s not given that hideous face, the fact that genocide appears to be ‘sexy’ to you shows us that you belong to the same fate as Jeffrey Epstein. Or actually, it does explain why you couldn’t last more than three years with your only wife?

Back to the main point, Stranger Things and any other show that includes actors who support genocide must be boycotted and simply treated as if it doesn’t exist. Every time you play a Netflix show with any of these actors in it, your subscription fees fund genocide. And so does any other Israeli-supporting company.

Don’t stop boycotting. Don’t stop speaking up.

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