The best 10 Nail trends for your hot girl Summer

Summer is finally back again (yes!) and everyone is ready to spice it up with the most razzle-dazzle nails out there! If you’re feeling the pressure, well, don’t worry Uthhub’s got you covered with the most viral sets this summer (in no particular order) , brighter and more unique than ever! Here are 10 nail trends ranging from soft pastel looks to daring and colorful styles!

1. Pastel micro french tips

Nail trends

Micro-french is all the rage this season winning the hearts of many minimalists as it slowly climbed the charts of popularity especially on square and “squoval” shapes which have been claiming the latest top spots. You can mix it up with multi-coloured tips and super bright tips! Instead of having pastel colors on your full nail bed, which can look a bit spring-y, simply paint a dainty French line over a sheer, neutral nail polish.

2. Strawberry glazed Donut

Originally introduced by Hailey Beiber, glazed doughnut styles have evolved into many different gradients, but the most pleasing finish would undoubtedly go to the strawberry glazed doughnut nails, ever since the first teasers for the Barbie movie, pink and all its cutesy shades have been reappearing non-stop and are probably not going to leave us anytime soon. Not only is this style super chic and cute, but it also fits perfectly into the 2023 summer agenda!

3. Tropical Summer Floral nails

These designs have me in a chokehold honestly, they’re absolutely adorable and the possibilites are endless! For this summer, people are opting for a more cold-cut look, mostly decorating the tips with colourful flowers, they come in all shapes and sizes and are so much fun to work with! If you’re looking for an even stronger Y2K vibe, adding airbrushed flowers will do the trick!

4. Cotton candy Jelly

The K-beauty Jelly Nails manicure has been trending heavily on Pinterest over the past 6 months. 2023’s version of the jelly mani is a mix of 2-3 colors creating a cute cotton candy galaxy. You can recreate the famous “gwiyeoun sonyeo” Korean look by adding cute emojis, small flowers, rhinestones, glitter and so much more.

5. groovy swirls

Groovy swirls are back baby! With more pzazz than ever, they are ready to steal the show featuring many upgrades with emerald green being the most ravishing colour for this set. If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for a tutorial on how to achieve these yourself, visit by l’oreal for an easy step-by-step tuturial!

6. Glazed Milky Nails

An interesting combination for the milky and glazed nail fans! A beautiful Frankenstein’s monster if you will, and an absolute win for the clean girl aesthetic, it was definitely an eye-catcher for many and for sure will be a staple this summer.

7. Lavender/Lilac Nails

purple shades are this season’s hottest nail color. It’s easy to understand why – they’re very flattering on most skin tones and are a great go-to for both casual and formal occasions (aside from the usual versatile nudes or reds).

8. Matcha Green

Matcha green is for the girlies who just can’t let go of spring, but also want that refreshing whiff of summer, mixed with pink and beige hues, will yield a calm flowy aesthetic!

9. Gold detailing

Gold details and tips were always elegant, but many have gone above and beyond with detailed nails this season, from gold hearts to swirls and golden tips! You can maintain a bright look for summer while also looking poised and graceful. (it’s a win-win!)

10. Bright Gradient Designs

Bringing the tanginess of summer is the bright gradient looks, so cheery so colorful and so new! If you ever feel like getting out of your comfort zone, this is the starter for you! So many different blends of bright colours can lead to absolutely stunning results. let your nail tech go wild and you won’t be disappointed!

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