Dubai this March: all the entertainment!

UAE in March: 6 Eventful Outings You Will Love

If you are looking for an eventful March, UAE has got your back! Whether you’re a local or a passerby in the charming cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there would be a lot to do and different events to attend depending on your preferences.

UAE is one of those places that always welcomes visitors with open arms and provides all the entertainment it can offer on a silver platter. Known for its lavish lifestyle, Dubai, for instance, is the home to hundreds of events; they vary from concerts to art exhibits and everything in between! Check out just six of what is happening this month in UAE, specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

10 Mar

Najwa Karam Live concert :

The famous Lebanese singer, Najwa Karam, is finally back in Dubai to serenade us once again. Her catchy lyrics and sweet rhythm caught many under their spell and many more to come, so make sure to attend this event if you enjoy music that touches your heart and engages all of your emotions! She’ll be performing her most memorable songs and latest hits including Saaa Bayda, Helwe el Denya, Saher Ouloub and many more, today, live, at Dubai Opera.


11 Mar

Bonobo Fragments Tour :

Bonobo, the English electronica star will take the Dubai Opera stage in March of 2023 for an unforgettable concert. This talented DJ will be playing hit songs from his latest album “Fragments” which includes songs like: “From You” (featuring Joji), “Tides” (featuring Jamila Woods) and “Rosewood” which promises an electrifying experience that will shake the audience to their core! With seven Grammy nominations under his belt and a history of downright incredible songs, this should be a concert for the years!

9 Mar – 12 Mar

World Art Dubai :

It is one of the most prominent art exhibits in Afro-Asia; harbouring over 4000 pieces from 50+ countries and uniting more than 300 galleries from all around the globe, each piece with its own story to tell. Art lovers from all over the world are going to be attending this event, undoubtedly making it an excellent chance to create lasting friendships along the way, as you share your passion for the joy of creation with beginners and masters alike! World Art Dubai is a trendy mixture of fashion, art, education, and cultures that will be worth your while!

18 Mar

Demi Lovato Live Show :

The renowned vocalist, Demi Lovato, who surely does not need an introduction, will also be holding an event in Dubai. Demi was, and still is an incredible prodigy when it comes to the music industry and has managed to accumulate multiple awards and nominations throughout the years of her career, garnering incredible support from many passionate fans. This March, she is set to take the stage at Coca-Cola arena Dubai, So make sure you watch her come alive on the 18th!

Mar 25

Dubai World cup :

The Dubai World Cup will be held at the Meydan Racecourse as it has always been since 1996. The middle-east is well known for its deep love of horses and horse racing, which goes way back to olden times, with posh stances and luxurious manes, on the 25th of march, the spotlight will shine on them and only them. Are you thirsty for the rush of adrenaline as they battle for first place? Or the joy that comes with crossing the finish line and emerging victorious? Then you will most certainly want to be a part of this! Watch as they compete for the stellar $30.5 million grand prize across 9 world-class races!


And this is an exclusive release to Uthhub about the new branch in Abu Dhabi! Joe and The Juice, the popular Danish concept brand which has already established a presence within Dubai, is launching in the capital next month as the first venue is set to open in Yas Mall, 15 April. Soon enough, residents of Abu Dhabi will be able to enjoy their coffee, shakes, juices and sandwiches from the store’s extensive menu, including a wide variety of healthy food and juice options including signature shakes, fresh juices, breakfast bowls, salad bowls, sandwiches, plant base options, amongst other items.

Menu highlights include Joe’s Club (chicken, avocado, and vegan pesto) and Spicy Tuna (tuna mousse, jalapenos, and vegan pesto); Pick Me Up (strawberries, apple and bananas), and the Powershake (vanilla milk, strawberries, banana) to name just a selection.

Additionally, Joe & The Juice will launch in Dubai Festival City, Dubai on 20 April, as the collaboration between Veda Inc and its subsidiary Lavoya Restaurant Group sees the opening of 7 stores in the past 6 months with the firm’s growth plans continuing to take effect.

For further details relating to Joe & The Juice, or any other Lavoya Restaurant Group brands including Dave’s Hot Chicken and BARBAR.

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