After the Great Success of Her Last Single Rima Yussef Drops Another ‘fus7a’ Track ‘Ahenu Ilayka’

A vibe of 1001 nights…

Building on her latest success stories with ‘Ohebuka Raghman’ and ‘Anta’, Rima continues her journey and conveys another wondrous song using the ‘Fus7a’ Arabic language as her main approach. With a modern beat combined with her sweet angelic voice, the Lebanese artist steals her listeners to a magic realm, between 1001 nights and the future!


For ‘Ahenu Ilayka’, the artist has collaborated with the same team as for ‘Ohebuka Raghman’ and although it has the same concept the sound is still unique and distinguished.

7 Looks in one music video!

Also visually Rima Yussef is not holding back anymore – with the director Rulf they created 7 different looks showing some new and unexpected facets. They kept the focus on Rima and her expressions which emphasise the sound and the lyrics even more!

The artist is surprising us with every step of her new journey and we are here for it!

‘Ahenu Ilayka’ is now available on every platform.

Link Of The Song:

Video Link:

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