Summer tips straight from 6 fashion Gurus we all love

Since summer is coming up, here are the top summer tips coming straight from your – and our, favorite gurus, keep on reading if you’d like to read tips that’ll make heads turn this summer!

Yasmine Genedy:

“Since summer is more about colors try to stick to your fav colors, the ones you know just make you look better overall coz with social media you can get too excited and be tempted to try a color that looks good on your fav celebrity or influencer but if it’s not a fav color to you or just compliments your look you will prob hate it next year and will be a waste.”

“Ruffles are everywhere and thin light airy fabrics, keep an eye on ruffles that are flowy and with details kind of hanging in a skirt, dress, or if it’s unfinished but gives amazing dimension to the look”

“Also, denim blue dresses and corsets are making a bigger comeback. My fav is the vintage blue and maxi skirts, but I feel it’s already very apparent.”

“Flowers and not the normal floral prints you see every it’s an actual flower stitched to the top or’s really trending this season.” she says.

“Play with fabric and it will give you an amazing look. And most most most importantly, don’t forget to accessorize, it can transform a basic look since there is not much heavy layering – like in winter, so accessories really give character to a look.”

I love exaggerated sleeves, I wish more designers do’s amazing, like a chiffon top with long sleeves” Yasmine says

“Layering skirts and skirts over pants.. this is something I always loved years ago but wasn’t really popular or understood. This season even Zara makes them, but you can do it yourself, just make sure the base is asymmetrical and the colors are unified”

since summer is also hard on hijabi or modest girls, Yasmine also added:

“Asymmetrical flowy skirts for sure are a staple, long flared pants as well, it’s always a fav paired with a light airy veil and a breathable shirt. I feel the skirts over pants look super cool if done right. Also, maxi skirts are comfortable and super on-trend which is amazing”

“as well as Flowy shirts and chemise with belts over the shirts that hang low waist and are more of a beaded chain not leather, to give the low waist appearance”

Jessica Toutounji:

Jewelry, lots of stacks & layers, accessorize a lot
Belts can be layered as well, depending on what they look like (body chains can also be used as belts)

“Chokers & scarves (ties also work as both too) and they can also be worn with layered jewelry I think it would give a very nice edge, Neck scarves too depending on the pattern & how you tie it”

“Lastly, hats, crochet headpieces & headscarves are also very nice to keep your hair from being messy & hats offer extra protection from the sun”

Yasmin Reda:

“My fashion tip this summer would be everything flowy/baggy, they have been trendy for a while, and I think they would perfectly fit for the heat rather than wearing something tight and uncomfortable which is something we don’t really need in a 100 degrees weather.”

“This includes flowy skirts, summer dresses, and baggy t-shirts styled with some beautiful summer accessories of your own (nice sunnies, colorful rings, crochet bags and huge bangles) as well as statement pieces.”

Dalia Cromwell:

“My one and only fashion tip for summer: Be Bold! Bold colors, Bold statement jewelry, Bold prints. The more confidence, the better because YOU wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you! Don’t be afraid to stand out this summer!!!!”

Kenzy Mamdouh:

“Monochromatic looks are a must!! pay attention to the details, they make up most of the outfit, add belts, accessories, etc. Wear blazers, and go absolutely all out with color”

Gannah Anwar:

Magda Butrym collection

“My go-to accessory, or just something that basically glams up any outfit, is the mini roses. I’ve seen a few people doing the mini roses using denim fabrics at home, and a few shops like Zara, and many more, sell floral chokers as well, they’re actually so cute, and elevate many outfits and they’re personally my go-to summer pieces,” she says

“A few designers have been producing floral pieces in their new collections, including Magda Butrym, fancy club as well”

“They’re just the perfect spring accessory that elevates any simple basic outfit to the next level, even if you’re wearing a literally plain white dress and put on a floral choker, or use a flower as a pin to the dress, it takes it to a whole new level” Gannah adds

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