watch out! love is blind season 4 coming in hot!

Love is Blind Season 4: Is It Real?

As the first hints of spring lightly brush past, the season of love returns, and by that of course, I mean season 4 of love is blind! The famed social experiment that tampers with the feelings of contestants and audiences alike is finally back, stronger than ever, and ready to play with our heartstrings once again!

Where We Left Off

after the chaos that ensued amid love is blind season 3 which ended around the last of 2022, a quick recap is necessary! If you’re simply an interested viewer, this summary will cater to your curious desires as well! The hit reality TV show is based off of a group of singles looking for love as they traverse through it, quite blind. They’re only allowed to lay eyes on each other once they decide to get married! After a series of romantic highs and lows at the end of season 3, only 5 couples emerged out of the pods engaged. The others, however, weren’t as lucky

Some who survived the hardships of love were: Alexa and Brennon, one of two couples who said “I do” at the altar of their wedding day in episode 11 of Love Is Blind. The other couple was Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton. Alexa and Brennon confirmed they were still together in the Love Is Blind season 3 “After the Altar” special in February 2023.


Spoiler Alert!

Love Is Blind, continues to deliver when it comes to extra juicy content. Seasons 5 is already on track for release—and episodes of season 4 are scheduled for Friday March 24. I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to know all the tea!

Thankfully, hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey, in an interview with Women’s Health after the season 3 premiere, spilt the beans on future seasons and it sounds like there’s even more hot news coming our way. Since the past seasons have been filmed in different states every time, (so far it’s been Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas), each new instalment is different from the ones before. “The people from those places are so different that it makes the seasons differentiate themselves from each other,” Nick tells WH.

Season 4 full cast list

The season 4 bunch is an endearing hot pot of personalities, with chefs, photographers, engineers and more. The full cast list is as follows:

  • Real estate investor Bill, 33
  • Design director Brett, 36
  • Technical recruiter Chris, 32
  • Operations manager Conner, 28
  • Software salesman Jack, 30
  • Technical product manager Jimmy, 29
  • Project engineer Josh, 31
  • Plant operations director Josh ‘JP’, 30
  • Mortgage loan officer Juan, 30
  • Sales development manager Kwame, 33
  • Marketing manager Marshall, 27
  • Environmental scientist Paul, 29
  • Gym owner Quincy, 36
  • Commercial insurance and real estate businessman Ryland, 29
  • Criminal defence attorney Zack, 31
  • Flight attendant Amber, 34
  • Sales and marketing coordinator April, 29
  • Communications specialist Ava, 32
  • Senior program manager Bliss, 33
  • Real estate broker Brandie, 39
  • Paediatric speech-language pathologist Chelsea, 31
  • Business owner Irina, 26
  • Dental assistant Jackelina, 27
  • Family support specialist Kacia, 31
  • Social worker Kendra, 33
  • Marketing manager Micah, 27
  • Marriage and family therapist Molly, 32
  • School teacher Monica, 31
  • Recruiter Tiffany, 37
  • Aerospace engineer Wendi, 28

With a cast list as interesting and diverse as this one, there won’t be a dull moment in sight! We shall find out if love is truly blind as we trudge through heartbreaks and budding relationships in this next season of love is blind.

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