Hadia Ghaleb: Terrible Language Usage or Delusional Perception of Resolving Classism

Is the only way to brush off discrimination is to wear Hadia Ghaleb’s collection?

Hadia Ghaleb’s talks have been the subject of controversy on multiple occasions in recent years. While her massive achievements as a business and brand owner cannot be denied, many of her publications have been met with disappointment and criticism.

Hadia Ghaleb

Recently, Hadia Ghaleb has revealed her special Hadia Ghaleb Bus at a new pop-up event in Mall of Egypt. The event was a success, with women from all over Cairo attending to show their support for the brand. However, in an interview with CairoScene, Hadia discussed the reasoning behind her swimwear brand, and it was not what many had anticipated. It is unclear whether her choice of words was inappropriate or if she might be unaware of the classism occurring in the country. 

Let us tell you why this is extremely debatable and wrong in some ways.

Women who wear the hijab or any religious clothing should be allowed entry to any public or luxurious place. It is necessary for women who experience discrimination to publicly address and confront it and also to note that creating an expensive brand that is only available to a small percentage of women did not solve the issue of discrimination.women are still not given access to many resorts and beaches, even with expensive clothing. It is essential to remember that clothing cannot guarantee respect and acceptance in a society divided by class.

The success of her brand and her marketing strategies may have contributed to a shift in how people perceive burkinis and made a lot of women more comfortable wearing it. However, we should acknowledge that while her brand may have influenced some perceptions, it does not address the larger issue of discrimination and classism. In the end, she has not solved the problem; rather, she is benefiting from a broken system.

Actions should be implemented to address places that deny entry to veiled women, and it is essential for individuals, particularly those with influence, to contribute to increasing awareness and providing support for discriminate individuals regardless of their race, gender, or social status.

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