Animal Cruelty & Egypt: The 1 Incident That Stopped People This Week

Over Egypt’s rich history and culture, animals were always held in high regard dating back thousands of years to the times of the pharoahs, in which cats & dogs were adorned to the point of worship. Now, in 2023, Egyptians have for the majority become reluctant with their love & care for the very animals they once cherished. 


How is Egypt treating its animals?

While the status of animals within the country has drastically improved over the past several years, there’s no denying how long of a path the country has to take in order to achieve total and utter animal protection. With the help of advocates across the country, establishments that once posioned stray cats were fined, individuals who tortured their animals were seen to justice, but what about the abuse that happens under our noses every single day, the abuse that rakes in thousands of foreign currencies from tourist sites, namely horses & camels, what about their rights? 

The Horse Phenomena

As temperatures climbed across the globe this week, one particular instance sparked controversy surrounding the treatment of animals within Egypt; a horse passed out, with tourists pleading with its driver to water it and tourists instead doing so themselves. 

And while it could be argued by millions of Egyptians currently that the least of their concerns are the death of animals, given the economic climate the country has fallen prey to, it’s precisely because of that, that we must give voice to the voiceless and demand rights for those that cannot. Because one day, some day Egypt will become a country that once again adorns all of its inhabitants, humans and otherwise!! 

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