GUERLAIN Hosts Their First Ever Bee School In The UAE 

Featuring chief sustainability officer Cécile Lochard and influencer Karen Wazen as hosts and partners for GUERLAIN

May 20th marks World Bee day,and in honor of the day, GUERLAIN welcomes sustainability head Cécile Lochard and influencer Karen Wazen to their first bee school in an effort to increase public awareness of the importance of bee conservation and biodiversity.

Karen Wazen

The school’s mission is to teach future generations about the value of bees and their contribution to nature, as they play a key role as pollinators for food security. The attendees learned about the native bees in the UAE, the making of honey, and the challenges involved in this process. 

Since 1828, French brand Guerlain, has been known for being the pioneer in developing cosmetics with a scientific foundation and fragrant perfumes. The bee became the company’s emblem and logo in 1853. Queen Elizbeth II’s favorite fragrance is rumored to have been theirs.


Their first bee school was created in 2018, with more than 10 years and 15 partnerships protecting the bees and preserving biodiversity. Their goal remains the same: to raise awareness of the importance of bee conservation. The company’s employees get the chance to visit schools around the world and teach kids about bees and how to protect them.

With more than 10 years and 15 collaborations dedicated to bee protection and biodiversity preservation, they established their first bee school in 2018. Their goal remains the same,to spread the word about how crucial bee protection is. In addition to “Commitment Day,” a day planned for more than 3,700 Guerlain employees, they have the opportunity to speak with students in classrooms all over the world about bees and how to protect them. 

Following a promising beginning, the brand was able to impart knowledge on bee conservation and biodiversity preservation to 6000 students across ten different nations. By 2025, the corporation hopes to have taught and trained 100,000 students.

The Event was hosted by UAE’s Beekeeper’s Association located in Sustainable City. The association established back in 2017 is a nonprofit organization. Education and sustainable beekeeping are two of their main goals.Their work continues to inspire young generations and enlighten them on their environments.

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