Grades & Results Day 2023: How Should You Deal With The Drastic Change?

A couple of grades on the most awaited week of the year for every IGCSE & A-level candidate can either revive a demotivated, exhausted soul or alter them into one. While relishing the scorching heat and invigorating waters of the summer, an array of 9 numbers or 6 letters have the absolute power to influence your career trajectory. However, now is the time to understand that these grades are nothing but a pure indication of where your abilities lie & how you should move forward with that.

How do I deal with my grades?

First of all, take a moment to acknowledge all of the effort and sacrifices you put forth. Whether the grades were expected or not, results day is a day to be celebrated – particularly, after the sudden return to 2019 grading standards. Celebrate that you survived a year of hard work, disappointment and most chaotically, stress. If you got the grades you were aiming for, congrats! Now is the time to take a step forward and go ahead with your dreams!

I didn’t get the grades I wanted.

If you did not get the grades you were aiming for, then consider your options and think ahead. Dwelling upon the past and all the ‘What ifs?’ will bring you nothing but pain. Instead, consider whether you will be remarking or rechecking your scripts.


Or perhaps you might be considering retaking the subject? Whilst feeling your emotions and disappointment is imperative so that it is not built up, try to prioritize being practical more! If you do know enough about the subject, then quickly register for the November session and start revising.

Remarking Vs. Rechecking

Do keep in mind that remarking means your papers will be marked from scratch again by a different examiner whilst rechecking means your marks will be recalculated in case of any mathematical error! In both cases, your grade might be lowered or increased; therefore, it is highly recommended that you review the script with your teacher and contemplate carefully if it is worth it.

Cliché but you need to hear it.

Those grades do not define you, your future or your talents. Your life within the workforce or college will have nothing to do with these grades; in fact, when you look back at these results, you quite literally will not care less (whether they were excellent or not). A bump along the way should not stop you from gripping onto your dream. We believe in you. We truly do.

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